Lethal Company – When humans become the ones raising monsters

Launching in late 2023, Lethal Company – a horror game by developer Zeekers that quickly received support from a large number of gamers. In addition to the attractive gameplay, one of the points that makes Lethal Company attractive is definitely the game’s mysterious plot mixed with a bit of a scary element. Let’s learn with GameHub about the secret behind Lethal Company.

The background of Lethal Company and the Company is suspicious

The story of Lethal Company begins in the year 2543 when economic depression and famine reached their peak. The scarcity of resources on Earth drives the need for interplanetary scrap collection.

In particular, Company (or Company) is an organization that specializes in buying scrap that people collect. This mysterious organization is even willing to spend a large amount of money to hire seasonal workers and send them to the Moon to search for scrap.

The player enters the name of the Moon on the ship’s device to travel there

There are currently a total of 9 Moons in Lethal Company, including Gordion – the Moon where the Company’s headquarters is located. The player can travel to the Moon of their choice by entering its name into the onboard terminal. Each Moon has different terrain and weather characteristics, which requires players to make certain adjustments when conducting work on specific Moons.

Returning to the job of scrap picking, anyone who is attracted by this generous remuneration can become a seasonal employee of the Company, without any entrance tests or training to pass. . During the recruitment process, players will not have contact with any Company employees, everything will only be decided via phone calls.

Besides, the Company will only sign contracts with workers for a very short period of time, usually just a season or a few months. This is also an extremely harsh job, because employees will only be allowed to work according to the prescribed time set by the Company. The Company doesn’t care if the workload is too much for you or not. If you can’t complete the target, you will face an extremely cruel outcome – being pushed out into space.

The company hires workers at high prices to pick up scrap on the Moons

So why does the Company impose such strict regulations on its employees? Or in other words, is this scrap collection job really as simple as it seems? To find the answer to this, we will go back 500 years ago, when the Company’s first group of seasonal employees set foot on the Moons.

Logbook of the first crew

In 1968, Sigurd and three other members, Desmond, Jess and Richard, were hired by the Company to explore the Moon. Their mission is not too different from later groups of workers: Find scrap and resell it at the Company Building.​

Sigurd complained about the smell of the protective clothing the company gave him

The diary begins with Sigurd’s complaint about smelling a bad odor and feeling uncomfortable when wearing the protective suit given to him by the Company. There is a theory that these protective suits previously belonged to someone else, but after they died, the suits were transferred to Sigurd’s crew without being washed. That’s why the suit smelled bad and the size didn’t fit Sigurd.

Things started to become more thrilling when Sigurd heard strange sounds coming from behind the Company Building, but no one believed him. At this time, Sigurd suddenly received a strange phone call, the person on the other end told him about the legend of the Golden Planet. According to speculation, this is a planet filled with gold and extremely valuable, but it was swallowed by a monster and is still being digested. This person also revealed that he was trapped behind the Company’s walls. Sigurd quickly told this to everyone in the group but like before, no one believed him.​

Sigurd recorded his discovery in his diary

Afterwards, Sigurd discovered his memory was fading, he no longer remembered how many days his crew had been contracted with the Company or how he got here. Sigurd began to doubt the high salary of this job as well as the Company’s motives. Sigurd continued to hear noises behind the Company wall, this time the screams were louder but still only Singurd heard. Are there really strange things happening around this building or is this Sigurd’s hallucination after a period of working in space?

At this moment, the incident occurred. While checking a room, the tracking device of Richard – one of Sigurd’s group members, stopped moving. When Sigurd arrived, Richard’s body was gone. Instead, he encountered a shadow-like humanoid creature lurking in the night. They are Flower Man – the monster that lurks deepest in the shadows of buildings, waiting to break the neck and drag away the victim’s body. It can be speculated that Richard became an unjust soul under the cruel hands of this creature.

Richard was killed by a monster

From here it can be seen that the job of picking up scrap has many more potentially terrifying risks than being pushed out into space if the target is not met. The workers will face unpredictable and dangerous creatures and end up dying like Richard.

This incident served as a wake-up call to Jess and Desmond, they also began to fear the Company like Sigurd. Sigurd took them both to the Company Building and this time, they both heard screaming. At this time, Jess and Desmond had expressed their intention to quit, but because Sigurd was still determined to complete the unfinished work, the group continued to stay.

However, now that they could no longer trust the Company as before, Richard came up with the idea of ​​tracking the Company through their phone calls. And surprisingly, these calls came from all over the solar system, not from the Moon where the Company’s headquarters is located.

Not stopping there, Sigurd dreamed of a creature outside the Company wall. According to his description, it was a large creature with incredible speed. Before finding out more about the mystery behind it, Sigurd’s memory completely disappeared. All he remembers at the moment is finding and selling scrap to the Company. In other words, he fell into an endless loop and became a slave to profit for this Company.

After the incident with Sigurd, his teammate – Desmond, continued to write the diary. The content in the diary was so important that Desmond was forced to find a way to encrypt it to avoid the Company reading it. Here, he reveals the horrifying truth – the Company’s workers are actually raising a monstrous creature, their constant scrap collection is to serve this creature that is never satisfied. .

Did the crew die at the hands of monsters?

These are also the last lines revealed in the first crew’s logbook. No one knows what the outcome of these unfortunate people will be. Being pushed out into space because you didn’t meet your quota? Killed by those monsters lurking in the Moon? Or was the Company itself killed to destroy the people? However, it can be seen that after 500 years, the Company is still operating normally, meaning that the findings of this crew group have not yet been exposed to light.

There is a theory that Sigurd’s group was not necessarily the first people to work for the Company. Before them, there may have been many people who discovered the secret, were brainwashed and then murdered. Or more tragically, those same people could have turned into barbaric monsters like Flower Man. This is also the reason why the base on the Moon was abandoned.

Is the monster behind the Company’s wall the creature that swallowed the Golden Planet? For what purpose does the Company nurture it? Believe that these are definitely big mysteries that gamers have tried to find out but have no answers, because Lethal Company’s content is still unfinished. Hopefully in 2024 when the game is completed, the developer will provide a detailed explanation of the world of Lethal Company.​

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