After the calico cat, it’s Frieza (Dragon Ball)’s turn to appear on a 3D billboard in the middle of the street

Maybe you still remember him 3D cat On the billboard that caused a stir last July, a new character recently replaced him cat three bodies. And no one is unfamiliar, it is Bandai Namco’s Great Frieza (Dragon Ball Z) with the “mission” to promote the mobile game Dokkan Battle.

Called Cross Shinjuku Visionthis unique advertising space is about two floors high, has an area of ​​154.7 square meters and is located at the top of the building right next to the station. Shinjuku – which is known as the busiest train station in the world. Unfortunately, the time when Great Frieza appeared ended in regret for Dragon Ball fans (September 24 – 30).

Before and after Frieza appeared, on this billboard was a giant calico cat, often looking around from above and meowing. At night, the cat will yawn and sleep like a real cat in real life. This 3D cat caused a stir on social networking sites at that time and became another testament to the Japanese people’s “crazy” passion for cats.


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