Alchemy Stars – Strategy RPG game with anime graphics has officially arrived in the hands of gamers


Tencent Games is the giant of the world gaming industry, however the company usually does not release its games outside of China, but through companies like Garena or Epic Games. But everything has changed with the new mobile RPG – Alchemy Stars. Title strategy game with graphics anime This pole will be developed by TourDogStudio and published globally by Tencent. First revealed in early April, Alchemy Stars quickly entered the Closed Beta phase in Japan before hitting the global gaming scene.​

Alchemy Stars has over 80 different characters and factions. A very important tactical part of Alchemy Stars’ combat is the Element element – the color palette. Each character will be associated with a different Element and linked to a color palette from which players will combine colored cells together to create crazy combat skills to defeat enemies.

Alchemy Stars has officially been released, what are you waiting for? Download and play now!

iOS download link:

Android download link:

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