There is a lot of information about mobile games that carry the true quality of the legendary swordplay of the Vietnamese gaming industry in 2009

Up to this point, title swordplay game Born in 2009, it is still one of the legends of the Vietnamese gaming industry. Although it did not appear at the beginning of the market, this game still left deep marks in the hearts of gamers, especially “old” players, those in the 8x and 9x generations.


The community’s love for this game over the years has not changed. What has changed is probably the platform shift from PC to mobile. But when the market share mobile games Sublimated development in the past 7 years, it is still very rare for a project to bring the martial arts quality of 2009 to small smartphones.


That is the reason why recently, when a Fanpage appeared on social networks named Sword King 1 – ADNX Mobile Introduced as bringing the most classic values ​​of that year’s swordplay monument to mobile, it immediately made netizens feel excited and curious.


It is known that the development and release team Sword King 1 – ADNX Mobile Wishing to revive glorious memories, memories filled with many emotions of players in the past. Those were the days of sitting on the internet “all night”, the feeling of brotherhood, friendship, working together and standing side by side in Bach Ho Duong, Tieu Dao Coc, Tong Kim, Lien Dau Battlefield…


All the memories of that year are still intact and live forever in the hearts of gamers of the past. It’s just a pity that today’s generation of gamers still have to worry about the pressure of a busy life, making it difficult to sit in front of the computer every day to play games. Therefore, holding a mobile version that carries the values ​​of the swordplay monument is always the desire and wish of many gamers.

So, Sword King 1 – ADNX Mobile is expected to meet all players’ wishes, from graphics to gameplay. Besides, gamers can completely rest assured when this game’s Fanpage has confirmed it Sword King 1 – ADNX Mobile Officially licensed for release by the Ministry of Information and Communications No. 1963 on October 28, 2022.

Gamers can refer to more information about Sword King 1 – ADNX Mobile at:

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