Dragon’s Dogma 2: Another great game ruined by microtransaction?

Dragon’s Dogma 2, the sequel to the hit 2012 role-playing game by Capcom, is out now and is being praised for its large open world and diverse gameplay. But many fans who have purchased the game are not too satisfied and on Steam, user reviews have just reached “Mixed”, and before that it was “Mostly Negative”. The cause of this situation is mainly due to the microtransactions that Capcom sells with the game.


There are 21 of the game’s DLCs being sold as microtransactions, allowing players to obtain items like wakestones that respawn in place, currency in the form of Rift Crystals, and even the ability to edit your character’s appearance. . The price of each of these DLCs ranges from 0.99 USD to 4.99 USD. One user on Steam shared: “The game is worth 70 USD, I support it because it’s quite fair for a good game, however, when it attaches a bunch of garbage like ‘buying more crystals’ or “pay to win” for a single game people, I cannot support that.”


The biggest complaints from those who bought the game were due to the existence of these microtransactions in the $70 single-player title. Many people consider this a “pay to win” method because it locks important customization features behind a paywall. Capcom issued a response to these concerns as well as other criticism on Steam on March 22. The post promised to address concerns about crashes and bugs, but largely served to explain Paid DLCs. Capcom reminds players that the majority of items purchasable with microtransactions are also available in-game. (Some players are also spreading this message on social networks.)


The availability of these items in the game did not change many people’s minds as people pointed out that the resources in the game are limited. But this is where we need to talk about the genre of Dragon’s Dogma 2, a game genre that needs to be designed to cause difficulties and deprivation in order to make players have to invest and think more during the game, to make choices. To use or not to use items…

The misunderstanding is that people believe this is a way to encourage additional purchases of items using microtransactions. Rather, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is designed to distribute the game’s limited resources in an efficient and meaningful way. Resource limitations like Portkey require you to use them sparingly and carefully consider how you move around the world. Therefore, thinking that they only exist to make players spend more money is a mistake.


However, it’s understandable that these microtransactions are criticized, and deservedly so, considering Dragon’s Dogma 2 is already a $70 game. DLCs ​​that require you to pay to buy Portkeys or revive on the spot don’t exist for any reason other than greed. And the angry reviews from players are definitely a wake-up call for game publishers to think again.

In addition to microtransactions, Dragon’s Dogma 2 There were also complaints about performance, save file errors, or more importantly, the fact that only one character could be created. These situations have all been recognized by Capcom and promised to be resolved in the near future. Are there still 21 DLC packs in existence? It seems like it will continue to exist, like the way Capcom has done with its games for 10 years now.

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