Yin Kiss – A haunting spiritual custom in a Chinese horror game

Chinese horror is not as violent and gory as America’s, nor does it curse death like Japan or Korea, but often exploits traditional folk culture materials such as outdated customs and ideas, thereby hitting the heart hard. human reason. One of the most creepy customs of ancient Chinese feudal society must definitely be mentioned kiss sound.


“Night kiss”, “mighty kiss” or “ghost wedding” simply means finding a life partner for the dead person. Legend has it that the sound of early marriage appeared during the Han Dynasty. The most famous marriage in history was arranged by Cao Cao for his son Cao Chong. Cao Chong possessed outstanding talent and intelligence from an early age but unfortunately died prematurely at the age of 13. Feeling so sorry for his son, Cao Cao went to the Chan family and offered to have their recently deceased daughter have a ghost wedding, then bury him with Cao Chong.


In addition to the reason of loving their children, they will be lonely in the afterlife, the ancients believed that boys and girls who die young and have not yet had time to get married will become ghosts that cause trouble, causing trouble to their families. family is insecure. Furthermore, according to “feng shui”, if the tomb lies alone, it will affect the prosperity of the family in future generations. Therefore, they must organize a funeral for the deceased souls, partly to make them less lonely in the afterlife, partly to avoid bad luck for posterity.

It is a terrible custom but also makes others curious, yin kissing has become a source of inspiration for many Chinese horror game. If you want to feel a bit of the atmosphere of the underworld, readers can try Hell Wedding.


Night Wedding revolves around the story of Lam Lang and Vuong Giac, two members of a newly established studio. During a night filming, they accidentally captured the mysterious silhouette of a female ghost in a red outfit and posted it online. The video quickly spread, after which the two received an invitation to film a promotional video from a tycoon and a young girl who claimed to be acquainted with the red-shirted witch. Unable to resist the huge compensation, they set out to a small mountain village to film a folk culture propaganda video. Here Lam Lang and Vuong Giac witnessed a series of extremely strange scenes: a wedding at night, a coffin that continuously made incomprehensible noises, mysterious messages sent to the phone, etc. .. and especially, the people here don’t seem to want them to leave. Night Wedding is the journey of the two main characters trying to leave the village and discover the secrets that the people here are hiding.

In addition to Wedding Night, there are also Paper Wedding DressIllusion (过阴),… are also names that exploit this yin element.


It is thought that these outdated customs only exist in ancient societies or in the virtual world of games, but in reality, in remote areas of China, yin kisses still exist. In 2016, a man in Gansu injected drugs into two mentally disabled women, killing them, then sold the bodies for a ghost wedding for 136 million each. The incident discovered by the police has stirred up public opinion. Unexpectedly, such ancient customs still occur in modern society today.

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