Death Motel – Search for the ghost of a murder victim in the motel

One fine day, shocking news about a murder that happened a few months ago suddenly spread: a crazy psychopath brutally murdered two teenagers at a boarding house. Wanting to keep the incident under wraps so as not to affect the business situation as well as the psychology of the tenants, the management decided to close the inn with the excuse of “renovation.”


But it didn’t stop there, during the renovation process, a series of strange phenomena happened. According to construction workers, they constantly encounter something like a ghost, appearing and disappearing. Some people are even so worried and depressed that they quit their job.


The mystery and creepy atmosphere surrounding the boarding house aroused the curiosity of Joe Salinger, an investigator extremely interested in paranormal phenomena. Joe began collecting evidence to decode the rumors about ghosts in the boarding house. The ultimate goal is to record videos of ghosts wandering around here to prove to the whole world the existence of souls after people die.

“I’m not sure if the world is ready to see this video I recorded, but I’ll post it anyway, just to respect those who died.”


The reality of “are ghosts real?” remains a controversial question. Some believe that death is the end, but long-standing beliefs about the world after death are one reason why many people believe that ghosts are real. So, do you believe there are ghosts in this world?

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