Vietnam’s “VGA King” sells graphics cards by weight like vegetables

PC gamers have spent years living in a state of uncertainty due to shortages of key computer hardware. Silicon shortages, pandemics, production issues, environmental disasters and cryptocurrency mining are all to blame. For those who are looking graphics card new, King VGA Claiming to be in Vietnam may be a suitable choice, Mr. Le Thanh is selling a series of graphics cards like vegetables at the market.


As cryptocurrency mining activities begin to lose traction and new graphics cards are gradually appearing on the market, it’s no surprise that old cards are being sold everywhere. Old cards don’t seem worth the money, especially after going through the “plowing” period. However, what they are sold by weight The roadside is still a sight that attracts many eyes.

Mr. Le Thanh posted a photo on Facebook with the premise that he was a fruit and vegetable seller on the street, but the items in the photo were quite special, they were stacks of fruit and vegetables. GPU. Mr. Thanh even posted a funny video in which he used a net racket to swing over his goods to pretend to chase away flies. After that, a customer drove into Mr. Thanh’s stall to look at the cards. The two cards were placed on the scale and put in a pink plastic bag for the customer. The video may make some people still using old GPUs cry a little or “a lot”.

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