XFish – Experience the first “fish” anime game in Vietnam

Do you want to know what your favorite Anime characters like Luffy, Naruto, Tanjiro,.. look like in the form of mischievous fish? XFish will help you explore that world!

XFish is an Anime game with a unique image, the IDLE AFK gameplay of climbing maps and opening chests is popular today. With fun graphics and simple gameplay, XFish promises to bring players hours of fun and surprising entertainment.

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XFish - Experience the first

Create funny fish shapes inspired by famous Anime/Manga

One of the special features of XFish is the shaping of fish species in the game. The fish are inspired by famous anime/manga characters such as Pikachu, Naruto or One Piece, with cute and adorable expressions. This not only makes the game unique but also attracts the attention of the anime/manga loving community.

Recruit unique fish species

In XFish, you will have the opportunity to recruit different species of fish to add to your squad. Each fish has its own attributes and skills, making the match more diverse and interesting. You can recruit fish through fishing or purchase with in-game coins.

XFish - Experience the first

Not only inspired by famous anime/manga, the fish in XFish are also uniquely shaped and funny. With unique expressions and characteristics, each fish has its own charm and makes players want to own them in their squad.

Enhance and upgrade equipment

To make your fish squad stronger, you need to take care of and upgrade them regularly. XFish offers players many ways to strengthen the fish, including leveling up, upgrading stars and upgrading equipment.

In addition to strengthening the fish, you can also upgrade equipment to make your squad stronger. Equipment can be purchased from the store or obtained through in-game activities. By upgrading equipment, you can enhance your squad’s attributes and help them fight more effectively.

XFish - Experience the first

Simple and interesting gameplay

The product has simple and accessible gameplay, suitable for all types of players. You just need to touch the screen to damage the fish and destroy them. This makes the game interesting and not too difficult to get used to the gameplay.

XFish - Experience the first

Every time you kill a fish, you will receive a corresponding amount of coins. Coins can be used to level up, upgrade stars and buy equipment for the fish. Destroying more fish will also help you accumulate a larger amount of money to upgrade your squad.

Each stage in XFish, you will face many waves of ferocious fish and a big boss. This makes the match more attractive and diverse. You need to have good strategies to destroy the fish and deal with the boss’s special skills.

XFish - Experience the first

In particular, you can train skills for the fish in the squad. Once trained, skills will automatically be used in battle, making combat easier. You just need to choose the formation and watch them automatically fight with other fish.

Many interesting activities

In addition to the main gameplay, XFish also has many other activities for players to explore and participate in such as climbing towers, conquering world bosses, arenas, dungeons, fishing,…

XFish - Experience the first

With simple gameplay, funny graphics and many interesting activities, XFish – Summon Super Fish promises to be an attractive idle game for the Vietnamese gaming community. Download the game now and become a talented fisherman, recruit and lead your own powerful fish squad!

Official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/xfish.vn

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