Coca Cola was fiercely criticized for its new advertisement: Pro gamers quit playing because of Coca

Established since 1982, Coca Cola There are many inspirational advertising campaigns that have been well received by many users, but perhaps the company’s latest advertisement is not among them. On the contrary, it is receiving many negative reactions from the gaming community.

Coca Cola’s controversial advertisement

Nearly a week ago, Coca Cola launched a new 2-minute advertisement called “One Coke Away From Each Other – Real Magic” with the theme surrounding Esports. The ad opens with an image of an Esports match coming to a climax, with both sides fighting hard amid the cheers of casters and fans. But of course, when competing, there will be wins and losses. It is clear that one side has fallen into a disadvantageous position.

While waiting for cooldown, a player on the weaker team drank Coke to relieve tension. At this point, everything is very normal and according to procedure if there is no “good brothers” style performance afterward. I don’t know what impact Coca has had professional player How did he decide to lay down his weapon and join hands to reconcile with his opponent, all for a peaceful Esports world.​

The character drops his weapon and shakes hands to make peace after drinking Coke

This advertisement immediately made the gaming community feel “uncomfortable”, they thought that Coca Cola did not understand anything about Esports, and the act of quitting the competition in the middle of a dramatic situation like the main character in the advertisement was worthy of criticism. There’s nothing to praise here. On Youtube, this Coca Cola video has up to 35,000 dislikes while only 2,000 likes.

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