Microsoft will apply AI to improve PC game performance


Microsoft developing one AI features new, help Improve the performance the PC games run on Windows 11, similar to Nvidia’s DLSS feature for GeForce RTX graphics cards. According to data from the new test build, Microsoft will soon implement this feature in the upcoming Windows 11 update.

Despite the issues related to slower gaming performance that have appeared in Windows 11, Microsoft is still working to improve the operating software and bring attractive features to PC gamers. Features like DirectStorage, Game Mode, and Auto HDR will help gamers get the best experience from their PC games if they own compatible hardware devices. Additionally, graphics cards from Nvidia, AMD and Intel can leverage AI-driven sampling technology to improve performance on the most demanding titles like Cyberpunk 2077.


According to a new report on The Verge, a new AI feature from Microsoft will optimize and reduce latency for games on Windows 11. This AI super resolution feature has appeared in select 24H2 version build tests. filtering for Windows 11, but how the new feature works has not yet been revealed. However, the feature’s description in the test build says it will “use AI to help supported games run smoother with enhanced details.” Once enabled, this feature will automatically be applied to game titles as “automatic super resolution”. If this feature takes advantage of the computer’s GPU like Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology, PC gamers can experience improved frame rates and image quality when playing a variety of titles.

Besides the new AI super resolution feature, Microsoft is also working on improved color management for Windows 11. This feature will allow users to fine-tune color management settings and save the most suitable color profile with their screens. PC gamers may want to use this feature on HDR-enabled gaming monitors to get the most color-accurate images while gaming. Additionally, color profiles can be set to sRGB and DCI-P3, so a variety of displays can benefit from this feature in the upcoming Windows 11 update.

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