Chimeraland – MMORPG game based on the ancient book Son Hai Kinh is about to launch on the global market


Immediately after successful release Alchemy Stars, Proxima Beta (Global release name of Tencent Games) is preparing to release its second title, a mobile and PC MMORPG called Chimeraland. According to revealed sources, Chimeraland is built based on the ancient book “山海经”, also known as Son Hai Kinh of China.

The Son Hai Kinh is a book passed down from the Warring States period and compiled in the early Han Dynasty, circulating until today. The book summarizes many fields such as geography, mythology or mysterious creatures of ancient times. Although the number of movies made based on this book is relatively abundant, very few games inspired by this book have appeared abroad.

In Chimeraland, players can freely travel in a seamless open world, become any race you want, build houses in random locations, create vehicles with absolutely no limits, … Closed Beta period will start from July 20 to August 4, 2021 in Canada and the Philippines.

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