Chilling moments in games that aren’t labeled horror

Horrified is the favorite genre of many gamers but not everyone can play it, especially those who are weak. But, how can life be interesting without surprises? Even if we avoid engaging in horror-labeled games, we can still face moments that pierce our hearts.

Mortuary inside Batman: Arkham Asylum

Air that series Batman It may seem dark, but Arkham Asylum is clearly not a horror game. Having said that, having to witness such a scene in Batman: Arkham Asylum really gave many players goosebumps. The story begins when Batman walks through winding, cockroach-infested hallways to the morgue. Upon arriving, Batman is greeted by the sound of a door slamming and ghostly whispers that he should leave.

However, it was all meaningless. While trying to leave, time and space repeated and Batman returned to the same morgue as before, but this time, he saw three body bags inside on the tables. long. Open it, it turns out to be your parents and boom, the last bag, the monster jumps out. Then the space was distorted, it started to rain outside, and scary laughter rang out, making you dizzy. This must be one of the most unsettling scenes in the game for players.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Ghost of Mount Gordo


GTA 5 is a massive game full of Easter Eggs for players to discover, but this ghost seems more suited to appearing in games like Fatal Frame than in the middle of a hiking scene in San Andreas.

On a large rock near the top of Mount Gordo was the word JOCK, written in red ink that appeared to be blood. Between 23:00 and 0:00, players can encounter the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, Jock Cranley’s late wife.

Jock Cranley is a famous stuntman, appearing in many popular television shows in the 1980s. Before becoming famous, Cranley used to live in Blaine County. In the 70s, he wanted to pursue a career as a stuntman in Los Santos, but his wife Jolene Cranley-Evans strongly objected because she wanted to stay here to take care of her parents and manage the family’s well-off motel. family. So, while the couple was climbing Mount Gordo, Jock Cranley pushed her down the cliff. Jock was arrested by the police but was released soon after because there was no evidence to prove he committed the murder. Since then, every midnight, Jolene’s ghost appears at the place where she was killed, sometimes with a scream before she died, sometimes with a moan of agony because the killer is still on the loose to this day. .

Ravenholm in Half-Life 2

The spooky atmosphere at Ravenholm may not be enough to impact the nerves of fear for longtime horror fans, but this is where players face one of Half-Life 2’s scariest enemies: Poison Headcrab.

Headcrab is a parasite that can control the host’s nervous system and turn the victim into a zombie. Among the species, Poison Headcrab is the most dangerous because they are the only species that has intelligence, knows how to retreat when the parasite fails, and knows how to hide when injured. Poison Headcrab can use his poison to reduce the health bar to 1 and then dissect the player’s skull. At Ravenholm, players will have to destroy these zombies. The scene of being hunted by zombies, zombies being cut in half, blood splashing is just like in the zombie movies you have seen, except you will be the main character. .

Spec Ops: The Line – White phosphorus incident


Spec Ops: The Line helps players better understand the horrors of war and the terrible consequences it can have on the lives of war survivors. Players will follow a team of elite American soldiers including Walker, Adams and Lugo as they rush to Dubai after a devastating sandstorm to help quell an uprising. The game is filled with heartbreaking and memorable scenes, but the most horrifying moment is probably the white phosphorus incident.

Not just jumpscares or scary images of blood and ghosts, the white phosphorus incident makes players haunted by its moral boundaries. Here, Walker was forced to order his comrades to fire white phosphorus toward an advancing group of enemy soldiers. Choosing to use this devastating weapon was considered the only way to survive the attack and Walker had no chance to object. However, this chemical weapon that you rain down on your enemies not only causes them to die brutally, but also accidentally kills nearby civilians, many of whom are women and children.

Players will even have to walk past the burned bodies of those civilians, some of whom are not completely dead, struggling in pain in the last moments of their lives. It is definitely an extremely terrible and gloomy feeling, it makes the player feel guilty for accidentally becoming the bad guy in the story.

The Witcher 3 – Walking statues

The Witcher 3 is filled with dark colors, but the scariest moments in the game belong to details that many players may have missed. Near Lindenvale, you will find a small church with two statues of angels placed on either side. Heading inside to perform the mission “In Velen”, you turn around and discover two statues that have changed positions, staring at you menacingly. You intend to confront them, but they do not actively attack, nor do they react. If you turn the camera in another direction and look back, the nightmare continues as the statues seem to get closer and turn towards you at the same time.

This Easter Egg can’t help but make players think of entities called Weeping Angels, from the TV series Doctor Who. In the film version, these creatures also behave in a similar way, moving closer to the victim every time they accidentally turn away. When they get their hands on their prey, they will take the victim back to the past and gnaw energy from their lives in the present.​

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