Game Squirrel with a Gun will come to players on many platforms this fall


Title indie games coming soon Squirrel With a Gun has released a new trailer, revealing that the game will be available on both PC and Console. The latest trailer for Squirrel With a Gun is full of action act fun, providing an interesting insight into what this game will bring to players.

When Squirrel With a Gun was first announced on Steam, the game quickly attracted attention thanks to the unique idea behind the project. Indie game title sandbox This turns the player into a squirrel little girl armed with a gun. During the experience, players can use larger weapons and customize their squirrel. Although this is a rather strange idea, the trailer shows that the game promises to deliver some fun and unique action as players wreak havoc on the town as an adorable furry creature.

Squirrel With a Gun will be available on PC (via Steam), PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this fall. The latest trailer confirms which platforms the game will be available on, giving an answer to fans who are curious about whether Squirrel With a Gun will come to Console or not.

Squirrel With a Gun was made by just one person, the developer Dan DeEntremont but the game will definitely be an action-packed, humorous sandbox experience. Releasing on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S will bring the game to an even wider audience, giving Squirrel With a Gun a chance to become a successful indie game. Based on images from the trailer, Squirrel With a Gun is reminiscent of Goat Simulator with some silly mechanics and over-the-top action.​

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