Accessing the trial version of Black Myth, gamers will lose their Steam account

Recently, on Chinese social networking platforms, a post appeared from the NVIDIA GeForce account, revealing that this giant will cooperate with the developer. Dark Myth: Wukong to organize closed testing for the game. Accordingly, players need to access the designated link every day to submit a request to participate in the beta. The lucky player selected will receive a test version of the game in Steam.

However, the above information is completely fake, the link attached to the above post leads to a scam website. If you visit this website and try out the beta version, players will face the risk of having their personal information stolen. In fact, some gamers said their Steam account had been compromised by hackers.​

Fraudulent post spread on Chinese social networks

Many players compare this to the incident where Wukong and his students got lost in Tieu Loi Am Temple. For those of you who don’t remember, in chapter 65 of the work Journey to the West, the four teachers and students arrived at a place called Loi Am Pagoda. Tang Tang was so happy, thinking he had reached Tay Thien, that he accidentally fell for his trick. demon. In fact, this temple was founded by Hoang Mi Lao Quai, and the Buddha that Tang Monk met before was also transformed into him.

Up to now, there has not been any official information channel declaring that Black Mythology will open for testing. However, with the level of attention this game receives in a country of billions of people, it is not difficult to understand that there are still gullible gamers who are deceived by these tricks.

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