Campus Championship 2023 – Battle Teams 2’s year-end student tournament – What’s hot on PC?

In particular, participating students will receive a Certificate of Achievement VIRESA provided and sent to school.


This will be a very special opportunity for gamers of the game Battle Teams 2 – PC Pursuit, when this achievement is certified, it will be counted as one of the plus points for students in extracurricular activities at school; and enrich your CV when developing in the future.


Tournaments Electronic Sports National students (CC2023) of Battle Teams 2 – Pursuing PC will be an annual tournament organized by VTC in collaboration with VIRESA. This is a playground for the student community who love this game to have the opportunity to express their passion, compete together to conquer the throne and bring glory to their school. In addition, it is also a stepping stone to bring about a movement eSports Get closer to all young people studying at Colleges and Universities nationwide.

Tournament trailer

Battle Teams 2 – Pursuit PC is known as a game FPS just entered the PC shooting game market last June 2023. Right at the launch stage, the product had its debut with the Showmatch Campus Tournament with the participation of some strong clubs from schools: BKEC – Bach Khoa Esports Club, Hanoi Open University, XAY GAME, DNU Esports Club – DEC, ESC VNUA Electronic Sports Club and ESC – FPTU Esports Club. The tournament left a good impression in the hearts of the students and they look forward to a larger-scale tournament next time.

Let’s look back at the images of the recent Showmatch Campus and look forward to the upcoming Campus Champion 2023 tournament:

When asked about the organization of the tournament, Mr Nguyen Duc Thinh – Chairman of Nguyen Tat Thanh University E-Sports Club said: “Even though I have experience in organizing tournaments, as the focal point to coordinate with the organization’s publisher, I found many difficulties in connecting students. The biggest problem is unity, 9 people have 10 opinions, we can only do our best to support you. At some schools, they have not been recognized by the Youth Union or the Student Union, so it is very difficult to connect and support major tournaments.”

(​IMG)Nguyen Duc Thinh – Chairman of Nguyen Tat Thanh University E-Sports Club

“The most memorable memory is probably when I ran the tournament for the first time in 2013, when it was just a small village tournament at my middle school. Although lacking in every aspect, my passion is endless so I still completed the tournament beyond everyone’s expectations at that time. I hope my Battle Teams 2 – PC Pursuit tournament will be a success and connect more students to better develop the community.”Duc Thinh shared more and had confidence in the tournament’s success Campus Championship 2023 upcoming.​


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