“Emotional” Teacher Ba, even though he’s 30, is still passionate about studying physics with teacher Minh Thu, millions of views

Last night, teacher Minh Thu came to class again with a lecture Physics attracts thousands of “students” even though the high school graduation exam time has passed and is now the rest time for many students. At the peak, when the clock pointed at exactly 12 o’clock at night, she still maintained the record of nearly 20k views, 36k likes and nearly 400k comments.

Netizens also quickly recognized many familiar names who were “intensely” studying at midnight even though they were over 30. Teacher three Or even goalkeeper Dang Van Lam also joined in to practice.

Teacher Ba was caught by netizens reviewing the Physics of a teacher born in 1998.

Goalkeepers should also have knowledge of Physics.

Touched by this spirit of studiousness, the online community has left many interesting comments, cheering for the growing spirit of acquiring knowledge. There are few students but many parents. At this rate, our country will not Sooner or later, we will be able to compete with the powers of the five continents.

Mr. Ba is still studying, so it is understandable for students who have graduated to review their knowledge.


Even though he is over 30 years old, Teacher Ba still works hard to review knowledge at midnight.

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