After a terrible fire, Kyoto Animation returned with 2 beautiful anime commercials

Kyoto Animation have proven that they are still one of the names in production anime best through these breathtakingly beautiful commercials.


The first of the two commercials is called Meji, takes the concept of the company’s 20 Denki Mokuroku anime project announced in 2018. According to the setting and the way the characters dress, the setting of this advertisement is probably around the Meji period (1868-1912). The young girl then opened a book titled Denki Mokuroku and immediately traveled to the future, where there are skyscrapers and modern technology. The slogan appears at the end of the video “Kandou wo mirai he” (Roughly translated: Expanding emotions, looking to the future) is also the slogan for the upcoming KyoAni Music Festival next November.

The second video is titled Imagination (imaginary) and tells the story of another young couple and what the animation means to them. The story begins when the heroines are still children crawling on the floor, surrounded by toys. The girl said, “I used to play pretend a lot,” and then closed her eyes. The scene changes to a ninja running along the rooftops and there is a boy watching him from the car window. “When I was a child, I used to imagine a lot,” the boy’s voice said.

The scene once again changes to modern times. Someone dropped a glove and the boy, now a high school student, ran to pick it up and said “No, even now, I still like to imagine”. The boy immediately transformed into a Ninja like in his childhood dream. When leaves rolled around him, he jumped from a building to give the girl a glove that had turned into a scroll. Returning to reality, the boy gave the girl the glove and flashed a smile as bright as the midwinter sun. They both then said “… our love for imagination will continue!”.

Both commercials are filled with themes of faith and hope, especially touching coming from an anime production company that has suffered tragedy like Kyoto Animation. These two internal commercials are the company’s first anime advertisements after the horrific arson attack two years ago. Japanese fans were excited to see KyoAni back at what they do best.


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