Gamers will soon be able to play mobile games on computers without an emulator

The above games PC is gradually becoming more “mobile” with new technology products such as Valve’s Steam Deck or Razer’s handheld devices. However, at the 2022 Game Awards, Google played a reverse Uno card with the reveal that the company is bringing the mobile game to the PC platform via the Play Store Windows portal.


Although the amount of information shared by Google at The Game Awards was quite limited, the company did confirm that the Play Store will come to Windows in 2022. This service will allow players to seamlessly switch between mobile devices. Windows and Windows thanks to the new app’s cloud save compatibility.

While PC games can run on mobile devices thanks to streaming services like Geforce Now, Google insists it won’t use the same approach in bringing apps CH Play to Windows. Instead, the store will work right within Microsoft’s operating system without any special integration with Windows 11.


Breaking down the wall between mobile and PC could lead to more choices for gamers. The upcoming Windows Play Store app can also expand Steam Deck’s library, which is a happy thing to happen thanks to its cross-OS compatibility. This adventure of Google also marks the company’s presence on the Windows platform, but whether it will be more successful than Stadia or not, this issue requires a lot of time to evaluate. Although the Windows version of Google Play still mainly serves the mainstream market, perhaps the above move will help the corporation gain a better foothold in the overall market, thereby restarting its plan to dominate the field. their games.​

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