Before the final match of Blood War of Kings: “Dragon Vs Tiger Fight” promises to be breathtaking until the very end

After 6 days of exciting, exciting competition and tournament Blood War Flag King is coming to an end. Only two names will compete in the finals, which are Da Nang Flag Lover and Ky Hoi Quan/Phuong Liet.

Da Nang Chess Lover showed the strength of a championship candidate right in the opening match when they easily defeated their opponents also from the central region Cong An Phu Yen convincingly 6 – 2. In particular, the trio of They are Tran Huynh Sila (captain), Nguyen Anh Duc and Truong Dinh Vu. They all showed their class in this match.


Truong Dinh Vu and Nguyen Anh Duc both played fully throughout the journey of Da Nang Chess Lover.

Advancing to the semi-finals, Tran Huynh Sila showed the difference of a captain in important moments by defeating Nguyen Quang Huan from Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi. At the same time, it brought home two valuable points, which was just enough difference to bring Da Nang Flag Lover to the finals.

Sila has not lost a single match in this year’s tournament

Besides the bravery, experience and breakthrough of captain Sila, the psychology, competitive spirit and ability to seize opportunities of the remaining three members including: Nguyen Anh Duc, Le Thanh Tung and Truong Dinh Vu are also will make Da Nang Chess Lover a very difficult opponent to defeat.

However, on the other side of the battle line, Ky Hoi Quan also possesses players whose fighting style clearly shows their strangeness and seizes opportunities extremely well. Typically in the semi-finals, when two female players Lai Quynh Tien and Nguyen Hoang Yen could not win, the duo Phan Trong Tin and Tran Anh Duy were the ones holding on to hope.

Tran Anh Duy is currently the most stable player on Ky Hoi Quan’s side

Then, in the 5-minute, 2-second, 3-touch blitz game, Phan Trong Tin showed his bravery at the decisive moment with a convincing victory over Quan Thanh Tung on Phuong Liet’s side, thereby helping Ky Hoi Quan. reached the breathtaking final.

Nguyen Hoang Yen was somewhat decoded in the semi-finals

Therefore, all of the above factors promise an exciting, tense and breathtaking final match until the last moments. Even if the match has to be resolved by blitz games of 5 minutes, 2 seconds, touch 3, this is completely normal. The final match of Blood War Technique King will take place starting at 2:00 p.m. on March 25, 2022.

All developments of the final match will be live on Youtube Statue of Ky GTV, Tuong Ky GTV Fanpage.​

Download the game at: ​

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