Bō: Path of The Teal Lotus will take players to the world of Japan this summer


Bō: Path of The Teal Lotus is a game Metroidvania but possesses a graphic style that is bold and somewhat reminiscent of Japan Okami by Capcom. The game is made by an indie developer Squid Shock Studios and Humble Games will take on the role of publisher.

As Bō, a Tentaihana (flower god), the player will use a staff that can change shape in combat and move around the world. Bō can also use the power of Daruma dolls and Omamori amulets. Daruma is a traditional gift for good luck in the land of the rising sun and this type of doll will work similarly to summoning elements in the game. Omamori is a type of Japanese amulet, sold at Shinto shrines and dedicated to various gods. In Bō: Path of The Teal Lotus, the Omamori are enchanted with mystical abilities that increase their character’s power, much like the badges in Hollow Knight.

The game does Hand-drawn graphics Beautifully inspired by traditional Japanese art. The latest trailer shares more about the boss design and in-game challenges along with some mechanics that will please fans of the Ori series.

Bō: Path of The Teal Lotus will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via Steam) on July 18. Readers can now add the game to their Wishlist.


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