Nintendo Switch 2’s launch date was postponed to March 2025 to avoid speculation

Over the past month or so, a flurry of information about the next generation of Nintendo Switch has been continuously leaked, including that the launch date has been delayed to 2025 and that few games will be available on the system. The cause of the delay seems to have been determined according to a Japanese newspaper.

According to Japanese publication Nikkei, the delay in release date Switch 2 to 2025 is an effort of Nintendo to combat the scaling problem and the agency problem Switch encountered when it launched in 2017. In short, the Nintendo Switch sold like hotcakes when it was first released, making it impossible for fans to buy the console. console. console through official channels and led to huge price increases in the speculative market. There are people who even had to pay at least double the price of 300 USD just to get it in the first months.


Nikkei’s report is consistent with previous rumors that Nintendo will release up to 10 million Switch 2 units by March 2025, which is currently believed to be the official release date. By delaying it to next year, the company will have more time to stock up to meet high user demand for the next-gen Switch.

Additionally, the report backs up many of the rumors we’ve heard before, including a March 2025 launch date and the machine’s styling, which is said to accommodate a hybrid design ( hybrid) of Switch. After all, the Switch’s design hasn’t gone out of style, so it’s best that its successor doesn’t stray too far from it. In short, we can now almost be sure that Switch 2 will launch in early 2025, unless Nintendo suddenly releases a new announcement with twists that no one can predict. .


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