Battle Teams 2 (Challenge PC) updated, showering gifts and many new features

At the end of the year, VTC NPH can be seen “playing big” when December releases two new updates of the popular FPS game. Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit). Big Update “Colorful Territory” version 1 was released on December 5 with the highlight being the debut of the Ace Of Hearts Queen character and the “magic gun” DE Magic Trick, Ruby Frost weapon set ( Ultra Frost colors) – Ultra Chroma, new map Christmas Playground & Space Outpost…etc are still making gamers extremely excited to experience. Most recently, Battle Teams 2 (Challenge PC) released version 2 of Update “Colorful Territory” which promises to be even more exciting than version 1.

The “Colorful Territory” update version 2 will be released on December 19, 2023

On the occasion of the launch “Colorful Territory“, Battle Teams 2 (Challenge PC) offers GameHub readers a series of special gift codes:​

Let’s take a look at the hottest new content that shooters should definitely not miss in this Update version 2:

Launch of the Technicolor Generation carousel

The rotation includes 2 Legendary items, 3 comfortable SVIP items for shooters to experience:​

  • Vector Rainbow Strike (Legendary)​

  • Glock18C Rainbow Strike (Legendary)​

  • AKM Star Ocean ( SVIP )​

  • ASVAL Geek Action ( SVIP )​

  • Barrett Storm Eye ( SVIP )​

Launch of the Technicolor Generation carousel

Launching the super cute “wibu” style Cat Girl character and weapon combo

For “wibu” fans or simply fans of super adorable, super cute “cat bosses”, this is an extremely HOT Combo not to be missed. You can immediately own the Pro Li Character Combo including: Pro Li character and SVIP FNFAL Cat Girl Weapon for only 5,980 GP, especially the promotional price when having a monthly pass is only 5,382 GP.

Super cute “wibu” style Cat Girl character and weapon combo

The white cat girl Pro Li with her cute style but hidden skills and powerful weapons will definitely make the community have extremely interesting experiences.

“Rain” of exciting events not to be missed

First of all, there is the “Deposit and receive gifts” event: during the event, players who reach the deposit milestone will receive corresponding benefits.

Event “Deposit and receive gifts”

Next, the “Winter Prayer” event is also predicted to be in the Top attractive events at the end of this year of Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit). Before December 23, 2024, players only need to log in every day and complete prayers, and can receive rewards based on Prayer Points during December 24 – December 26.

The event “Winter Prayer” is also predicted to be among the top attractive events at the end of the year

Don’t miss the “Year-End Gift” event – During the event, when fighting, a gingerbread man will drop, use the Gingerbread man item in the inventory to receive in-game props (gold, silver, coins). name, avatar/Christmas wallpaper).

Event “Year-end gift”

Gunners should always accompany Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit) and don’t forget to follow the latest information about the game at:

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