Bomman and TheAnh96 “tips” how to beat Boss quickly and win quickly with Gunny Origin

The two streamers met each other Gunny Origin, try your hand at the hottest famous coordinate shooting game of 2023. Call it a try, but above all, feel the legendary gameplay transformed to mobile, along with the changes and new features of the Special Server Chicken Recipe Map. If Bomman While passionate about the Unique Thanh Dragon Skin set and carrying it around all maps, TheAnh96 is fascinated with the Super-Lightning weapon with 251 damage when going to dungeons.

Bomman meets a master, TheAnh96 recalls a life-long lesson in guarding the corner

With the recent heat covering the online community of Ga Che Map Special Server – Gunny Origin, experts in the shooting game industry like Bomman or TheAnh96 are no exceptions. Experiencing firsthand and then dominating the maps that day, the two streamers also nodded in recognition of the appeal of Gunny Origin, the intersection of legendary gameplay and innovations that suit the needs of the times.


Both Bomman and TheAnh96 have their own unique impressions when “reliving the feeling of Chicken”. With Bomman, this is an interesting game that combines many hand operations and also requires a little calculation to master the game. A rare situation occurred when Bomman met a master and was quickly defeated after just the first few minutes of the game even though it had not yet been this male streamer’s turn. Therefore, the plus point is that Gunner can upgrade many tactical skills at the same time in just one game with very “cute” graphics like this.

During the game, TheAnh96 introduced and shared in great detail how to play the Gunny Origin mobile version. Although the gameplay is not too new, it will require a certain amount of concentration to easily get used to it, and there are also some feature innovations to help players experience the coordinate shooter game more. should be more interesting. TheAnh96 also humorously shared about his childhood memories. The person who guided him to guard the corner was none other than his mother.

After more than 1 hour of Gunny Origin’s live broadcast, Bomman and TheAnh96’s livestream video attracted more than 15,000 views, nearly 1,000 likes, and hundreds of comments and shares. Thousands of attractive gifts have been sent to gamers through code GACHEMAP. The gaming community is extremely excited about the rhythmic juggling of the same pair of shooting game cards, many Gunners take advantage of this livestream time to enter the game to have the opportunity to have a friendly match with the two streamers.

Great gaming community – instant map creation

While watching a funny livestream, you get a “take home” gift. Gunny Origin community You can also experience another equally attractive activity in the last days of the year. At the vibrant King Che Map playground in the community, Gunny Origin is receiving many quality entries, in all formats from videos to images and careful investment from players. Furthermore, with each map design, Gunner also describes in detail the name and operation of the map, thereby showing the meticulousness and sharp battle planning skills of Chicken Island.

Impressive exams will be regularly updated by Gunny Origin on Fanpage

After completing the test, Gunner will post the results to the community group for friends to admire

According to the contest hashtag, players can easily find creative and high-quality entries.

Perhaps the biggest attraction for the community is not just the prizes, but the opportunity to be creative and contribute to exciting improvements to the game. For each valid test, Gunny Origin will post this product for the community to appreciate. The highest reward of the contest is the super special 242 weapon and the recognition of talent from thousands of beloved Gunners of Chicken Island.


With new features and attractive benefits, Gunny Origin believes that gamers’ experience journey will be full of fun and surprises during the year-end holidays. Besides the new version, the game is still regularly implementing community tournaments, semi-professional tournaments and fanpage playgrounds to bring gamers closer together and stick with the game longer.​

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