Palworld roadmap in Early Access, including PvP, Raid Bosses, Crossplay, etc

Developer Pocketpair has shared the development roadmap of the survival game “Pokémon with gun” that has been popular in recent days, in addition to the news that the game has surpassed 7 million copies sold in just 5 years. day. For reference, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a PlayStation 5 exclusive starring the world’s most famous superhero, took 11 days to surpass the aforementioned mark. This development roadmap includes PvP, Raid Bosses and other end-game content, Steam-Xbox cross-play, bug fixes, additional features, etc.


Pocketpair begins the post by revealing its sales numbers Palworld has far exceeded the team’s expectations and the game is currently experiencing many problems due to “excessive access congestion”, among other challenges. The game was so popular when it launched over the weekend that the studio had to have an emergency meeting with Epic Games’ Online Services team to resolve the connectivity issues and errors players were experiencing. Pocketpair says it is prioritizing congestion and connectivity issues before moving on to roll out new features in Palworld.

Below are the important issues that Pocketpair is prioritizing to solve:​

  • Many bugs the team has identified​

  • Sometimes, the date and time in the game are reversed​

  • Loading screens may persist when trying to load into the world​

And here are the planned future updates for Palworld that the team is working on:​

  • PvP​

  • Raid Boss (end game content)​

  • Pal Arena (specifically PvP for Pals).

  • Steam-Xbox cross-play​

  • Various Xbox feature enhancements​

  • Server transfers and migrations​

  • Improved building system​

  • New islands, Pal, Boss and technology​


The timing of these content updates has not yet been shared by Pocketpair. They are focusing on resolving what are considered “critical issues” before rolling out future planned updates.

Pocketpair launched into Early Access on Steam and Xbox (and it’s also available on Xbox and PC Game Pass) last week and has become an instant hit that’s hard to ignore. Join our community to learn more and discuss the game.​

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