AIC 2023 Final Day Explosion – Talon and Valencia CF Esports rematch in the Grand Final

Semi-final winner: Talon knock down Valencia CF Esports with a score of 4-2, straight to the Grand Final

Playing sublimely and bravely, Valencia CF Esports took an impressive 1-0 lead. Continuing to explode with strength, Thailand’s No. 5 seed once again overwhelmed Talon, thereby doubling the score to 2-0.

Valencia CF Esports exploded in strength, leading Talon 2-0

However, with just one stumble in the third game, Valencia CF Esports had to pay a heavy price. Their mistake gave the “giants” the opportunity to turn the game around and shorten the score. This is the premise for Talon to return to control the match, equalize the score 2-2, and bring the battle back to the starting line.

Immediately after that, Talon continued to accelerate, claiming a decisive victory. In the end, Talon affirmed its position with a convincing 4-2 victory. Destroying Valencia CF Esports in the Winner’s Semifinals, Talon became the first team to participate in the Grand Final of the tournament. Arena of valor International – AIC 2023.


Talon affirmed its strength against Valencia CF Esports

Loser’s bracket semi-finals: Flash Wolves beat Hong Kong Attitude with a convincing 4-1 score, ready for the big battle with Valencia CF Esports

Determined and confident, Hong Kong Attitude opened strongly, leading Flash Wolves 1-0. Not easily subdued, Flash Wolves immediately responded, convincingly equalizing the score. Continuing to fully exploit the opponent’s mistakes in the following game, Flash Wolves took a 2-1 lead. Taking advantage of the victory, GCS’s second seed increased the gap to 3-1.

The quick losses left fans somewhat disappointed when Hong Kong Attitude could not maintain their form and confidence. Facing the fierce attack of their opponents, Hong Kong Attitude appeared quite lackluster. The match was at hand, Flash Wolves officially defeated Hong Kong Attitude with a score of 4-1.

With a well-deserved victory, Flash Wolves will be the last team to appear at the Final day of the International Mobile Lien Quan tournament – AIC 2023. FW’s opponent in the upcoming match will be VCF. The team that wins the Loser’s Final will move on to face Talon in the Grand Final.

Flash Wolves officially entered the Losers Bracket Final against VCF at AIC 2023

Losers bracket final: Valencia CF Esports successfully defeated Flash Wolves with a score of 4-3, officially rematching Talon at the AIC 2023 Grand Final

Despite being suppressed by Valencia CF Esports for a long time, with their bravery, Flash Wolves still successfully reversed the situation and took a 1-0 lead. However, later, because of a mistake, they lost the whole game. Valencia CF Esports took the opportunity to strongly counterattack and equalize 1-1. Unyielding, Flash Wolves immediately responded, continuing to take a 2-1 lead.

Flash Wolves took the lead against Valencia CF Esports 2-1

Worthy of their rival, Valencia CF Esports once again equalized the score after a long battle. However, in the 5th game, they accidentally let the pivotal game fall into the hands of Flash Wolves. In the 6th game, Valencia CF Esports promptly corrected their mistakes, rose up strongly, and leveled the score against their opponent for the third time. The events of the final Semi-final were increasingly pushed to a climax.

Valencia CF Esports leveled the score, opening the 7th game

Representatives of the RPL and GCS regions officially entered the 7th qualifying match. In the end, with their determination, Valencia CF Esports defeated Flash Wolves after a tense and dramatic race. With this result, Valencia CF Esports will have a rematch with Talon at the AIC 2023 Grand Final.

Valencia CF Esports defeated Flash Wolves and advanced to the Grand Final

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