MisThy reaction Do Toc 2 also did not forget to “cheat” on his close friend Linh Ngoc Dam and his ex.

Just a short time after its release, MV Do Toc 2 belong to Streamer Mixi Degree ranked Top 1 on YouTube’s trending tab and attracted more than 11 million views, an achievement not inferior to any music product from famous names. Not just brothers MixiGaming Tribe This MV is also well received by the famous Streamer and Youtuber community; especially among them MisThy.

MV Do Toc 2 reached more than 11 million views after nearly 1 week of release.

Recently, she made a reaction video to a new song by her close brother and did not forget to lightly criticize her best friend. Linh Ngoc Dam and the ex when they saw both appearing in a frame of the MV. Specifically, when MisThy saw the drawing of Linh Ngoc Dam and Buddha Sitting next to each other in the stands, she innocently joked: “There is Buddha sitting next to Linh Ngoc Dam. It’s me who added the sign of a broken heart in the middle.”


Heart broken like this, MisThy?

This is a fatal joke when Buddha recently publicly announced that he has a new lover and Dam Tong also hinted that he also has a crush on someone. That’s why the fairy tale of both “a broken mirror heals” probably won’t happen as expected by many people who still work hard to push the boat. Even though they have gone their separate ways for a long time, Buddha and Linh Ngoc Dam still maintain a close friendship and interact a lot on social networks, so fans of both still hope that one day the talented and beautiful couple can love again. head.

However, in addition to teasing her best friend, MisThy also seemed extremely excited when she discovered that even though she did not appear in the drawing, her representative chibi image was sitting on LND’s lap as her secret wish. been closed for so long.

MisThy’s stuffed animal line.

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