Playing League of Legends on the weekend to relieve stress, the police immediately arrested the wanted suspect

In today’s bustling modern society, games are the choice of many people to relieve stress from work and life, young police officer Truong Nhat Hao is no exception. But perhaps Truong Nhat Hao would never have expected that it was thanks to playing games that he caught the suspect wanted by the police.

Last Sunday (August 8), Truong Nhat Hao – a police officer who had been in the job for less than a year at the Dasu police department (Chongqing city, China) and his colleagues went to an internet cafe. to play League of Legends. While playing the game, he suddenly heard the tone “Lonia’s strongest king is online”. It turned out that there was also a League of Legends expert in this internet cafe.

Out of curiosity, Truong Nhat Hao went to this expert to see how he played the game. But when he got closer, he was surprised to realize that this was the assault suspect that the police were looking for. Truong Nhat Hao immediately called for reinforcements to bring this “League of Legends master” to the police station to conduct an investigation.​


Chinese netizens seemed quite interested in the above incident, and at the same time expressed their “deep sympathy” for the unlucky suspect. Who would have thought that just playing games on the internet would lead to encountering the police. But then again, if this suspect hadn’t been so good at playing games, maybe nothing would have happened.

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