These unique features make Dai Hiep Run Di confidently conquer Vietnamese gamers

Roguelike What is that?

Perhaps the Roguelike genre is too familiar among gamers with games like Hades, Darkest Dungeon… The most attractive and challenging point in this game series is probably the mechanism that when you die, you have to play again from the beginning. (permadeath).

However, this can also be considered the most frustrating point of this genre because as soon as you die, all the efforts you have put in will return to zero even if you are reaching the final moments. the end of the level. Therefore, to conquer this genre requires you to be extremely focused and make the right and decisive decisions to survive until the last minute.

The skillful combination of Roguelike and martial arts themes in The Great Knight Run Away

As one of the games in the Roguelike genre, Dai Hiep Run Away also possesses the unique features of this game series. However, with the combination of the Kim Dung-style Martial Arts theme, Dai Hiep Run Away will bring a surreal feeling of role-playing combat with thousands of monsters surrounding each stage, up to the BOSS of each level, in addition to the items. Super cute chibi drawings suitable for both men and women will bring a whole new Kim Dung universe. To be able to pass the level, the player not only needs to be highly concentrated, but also must combine reasonable moves to be able to launch combos to kill monsters.


Not as strict as other Roguelike series, if the player cannot pass the level, they will still receive items to upgrade their power in the game. So that when they return to continue challenging, the player will easily pass the level.

It can be said that the permadeath mechanism will make it somewhat difficult to overcome levels, but it is also a special point to stimulate the player’s caution and desire to conquer.

Diverse enhancement features

Not only possessing the characteristics of the Roguelike genre, Dai Hiep Run Away also possesses powerful features that are expected to become a secret for players to conquer Vo Lam more easily. Typical features include:

Equipment Forging, Pet Jewels, Mounted Animals, Magical Treasures, and Realms are ready to support the player throughout the player’s journey.


PVP system, competition activities – challenging teams

Besides, Dai Hiep Run Away owns a diverse team activity system, players can conquer the game all day without getting bored. With activities like Dong Nhan Battle, players can join friends in a group of 3 and fight 50 waves of monsters. Demon King Training includes 10 waves of monsters, destroy the BOSS each wave to win. Or the Thi Luyen activity with a team of three to overcome challenges and receive gifts. Vo Quan Tranh Ba participates in challenges to match his name on the rankings, or Mysterious Catacombs overcome individual levels to accumulate points to receive rewards.

With unique PVP and team activities, Dai Hiep Run Di creates a close community connection. Let’s overcome obstacles, kill monsters and fight in the dangerous Vo Lam place with friends and comrades. Besides, the rich competition mechanism also creates a lot of healthy competition, making Dai Hieu Run Away an interesting and desirable game.


With unique features, activities and new and challenging gameplay, Dai Hiep Run Away is a potential game that will bring a new breeze to the mobile game market. The Great Hero Runs Away will be released this October. Gamers remember to follow and quickly join the Group and make an appointment right away to be able to grasp the game situation as well as participate in mini games to receive gifts immediately.


Dai Hiep Run Away is a roguelike action game themed on Martial Arts. In the game you will transform into a swordsman wandering in a world full of chaos and carry the mission of bringing peace to the world. This is considered the Vietnamese version of Survivor Master and will be distributed by NPH MGOL in the Vietnamese market.​

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