Doing all the housework single-handedly, a male gamer is upset because his wife won’t let him play PS5

On social networks, there have been many stories about married gamers’ time allocation for family and gaming. Many of them shared that when married, men often find it difficult to play. The game is as comfortable as being single. The gamer’s story below is a clear proof of that.​


Recently, a player from Taiwan posted an article online titled “If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t get married!”, complaining about the frustrations endured in married life. Last Saturday, he took the opportunity to wake up early to do housework, wash all the dishes in the dishwasher, fold clothes, make coffee for his wife… While the children were still awake, he pulled the curtains in the living room. down, intending to enjoy the rare time to play PS5.

But right when he was about to play, his wife suddenly came out and complained: “On the weekend morning, you pulled the curtains so dark and tight. Do you think you’re still living alone in a university dormitory?” After listening, the male gamer felt like his heart was broken. He thought that he always fulfilled his duties as a husband and father, trying to earn money to buy a house, not spending his wife’s money, nor needing his wife to work. working hard, always sharing the work of taking care of the children, teaching the children to study with his wife, even most of the housework like cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning is done by him, yet he just wants to sit and play games for a while. I just received such a harsh rebuke.​


Below the male gamer’s post, many people advised him to confide in his wife to solve the problem. If he doesn’t talk, she will never know what he is upset about. Some others advised him to immediately divorce and return to a free and unrestrained life. This male gamer later said that he had a frank conversation with his wife that night and everything was resolved. He believes that maintaining a marriage is not easy, so he will not suggest divorce rashly.

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