A gamer posted on a forum to “denounce” his grandfather: He loved playing games to the point of ruining his Xbox

Recently, a Reddit user named IndyDrew85 shared very interesting stories about his grandfather’s gaming experience. It is known that IndyDrew85’s grandfather is a fan Red Dead Redemption 2 Genuine and have spent up to 2000 hours with this game.​

Grandfather’s gaming exploits

3 years ago, IndyDrew85 featured Red Dead Redemption 2 for my grandfather and gave my Xbox to him. But this gamer did not expect that title open world game belong to Rockstar Games and loved by his grandfather so much. A few months later, the old Xbox was given to him by IndyDrew85, so he gave him one as a gift Xbox One Brand new with 65 inch 4K TV.

Thanks to that, his 70-year-old grandfather can continue his adventure with Arthur Morgan. Up to now, he has spent more than 2,000 hours on this game, equivalent to 87 days with 25 different titles in the game. , while IndyDrew85’s playing time is just over 200 hours. It is known that because my grandfather focused on enjoying many different elements of Red Dead Redemption 2, even though he played more than 2,000 hours, he only completed 92% of the game’s progress.​


This is not the first time gamers have shared about their elderly relatives’ gaming stories. A few months ago, Reddit user kleverone revealed that his 69-year-old father is also a fan of Red Dead Redemption 2 and he patiently played the entire game.

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