Krafton corrects rumor “Subnautica 2 is a live-service game”


Publisher Krafton revealed that Subnautica 2 will feature multiplayer and has clarified the statement regarding live-service form controversial. Released in 2018, Subnautica takes players to an alien planet where they must fight to survive while uncovering the secrets of the underwater world. Subnautica 2 will take fans to a mysterious planet, alone or with other players, with a completely new gameplay model.

The latest financial report of Korean video game publisher Krafton said that Subnautica 2 will have co-op gameplay and follow a “game as a service model”. Both the first Subnautica game and the sequel Subnautica: Below Zero are all single-player experiences, although the Subnautica community has created a number of mods that allow for multiplayer play. Subnautica 2 will be the first game in the series to officially feature co-op for up to 4 players.


Following backlash over claims of a “games-as-a-service model”, Krafton et Unknown Worlds explained that this means they will continuously update the game for years after release, similar to how previous games operated. Subnautica 2 will not have a season pass, battle pass or timed subscription service.

While co-op remains extremely popular, players often react differently to the switch from single-player to multiplayer. Fans who are used to experiencing games alone may feel left out, while co-op lovers may feel tired starting to immerse themselves in a series that is quite old. . However, the above change can help longtime fans enjoy new experiences and expand their reach.

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