A dentist in the US challenges him to play Smash Bros with his patient. If you win, you’ll get free dental care

For many people, a visit to a clinic or hospital is a must dentistry is no different from a nightmare in the middle of an autumn night in Hanoi, but certainly this experience will not be that bad if you go to the right address of Dr. Tej A.Shah at Zen Family Dental, Massachusetts, USA. Because when coming here, patients will not only be able to play games with this interesting dentist, but will also have the opportunity to take care of their teeth completely for free if they defeat him, and if they lose, they will have to upload it. Social media about my failure.


Specifically, Dr. Shah promises to provide $200 worth of free dental care to anyone who beats him in the Smash Bros Ultimate edition Nintendo Switch. However, if the patient loses, they will have to post on social media that they “lost painfully” at Zen Family Dental, Massachusetts. Each patient will only have one challenge and the game will last 6 minutes to decide the winner.

The matches will be played according to the rules of regular tournaments such as: maximum 3 stocks (lives), no items, no final smash (extremely powerful attacks, often making the character immortal for the duration of the match). skill execution time), no damage based on level, Battlefield-style stage. Even though he has never shown off his gaming skills before, with this challenging confidence of Dr. Shah, your qualifications are certainly top class.​

Dr. Tej A. Shah

Even though they know that this is a disguised PR move, many patients are still very excited, especially in the US when the cost of dental examination is not average. This is also a way that Dr. Shah encouraged people to pay more attention to their oral health.

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