LCK tournament will be banned from broadcasting in China, due to Gen.G’s incident?

In the context of LCK Spring 2024 Preparing for the start, Huya – the tournament broadcasting platform in China, still made no move to mention the tournament’s broadcast schedule. The answer to this was quickly revealed by 957, a former player, caster League of Legends famous in China. During the livestream yesterday (January 16), 957 confirmed the matches of LCK will not be broadcast on any official platform of the country of billions of people. The cause is said to come from an incident of Geng at the end of last year.


For those who don’t remember, on December 20, Gen.G’s Facebook account made the controversial move of calling Taiwan a country. Until now, Taiwan’s independence has always been a sensitive issue for the government of the country of billions of people. The incident immediately climbed to the top of hot searches in China. Although Gen.G’s fanpage quickly deleted the post, this team still suffered a lot of criticism from foreign fans.

And it seems that Gen.G’s actions are having far-reaching consequences for other teams and players. Not being broadcast in China will cause LCK to lose some tournament royalties, thereby causing losses to the teams in this region. Not only that, recently there has been information that Korean players are playing for LPL also encountered many difficulties due to the impact of Gen.G’s mistakes.


As for the audience, they will be forced to miss the matches of their favorite teams, or if they can watch it, it will take a lot of effort and not get the full experience. This is definitely a big regret because LCK is the region with the top tournament quality today.​

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