60-year-old gamer King Glory still gets penta-kill, Tencent panics because he thinks he’s too young

As you know, the Chinese government recently ordered to tighten policies against game addiction for minors in this country. As one of the largest companies in the virtual world industry of the country of billions of people, after this policy was announced, Tencent received the most attention. That’s why when there is news adolescent gamers pretending to be an adult to play games until morning, Tencent immediately conducted verification.​

The screenshot confused Tencent and many gamers

It all started with a screenshot that read “60 year old woman playing King of Glory until 3 a.m., achieving a penta-kill” spread widely on Chinese social networks. After 3 days of investigation, today (September 9), Tencent officially confirmed that the player is indeed an old woman and not a minor.

It is known that the above gamer has passed 17 facial recognition tests. However, netizens still remain skeptical about this result, many people suspect that the minor asked an adult to identify him to bypass Tencent’s identification system. Of course this is entirely possible, but the publisher does not have the authority to investigate further, so we have to temporarily accept this result.​


According to China’s new anti-gaming policy for minors, gamers under 18 years old in the country can only play games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or legal holidays. determined. Furthermore, daily gaming time is not allowed to exceed 1 hour.

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