How To Conduct Housie Game

Hey there, welcome to the wild world of housie! This game’s an absolute blast to play with buddies, fam, or even random folks. It’s an awesome way to chill, pass time, and have a few good giggles. Now, playing housie is pretty straightforward, but you gotta have a few things and do a bit of prep before you dive in. This guide’s gonna teach you how to run a housie game like a pro so you can get to the fun part right away!

Get Your Gear

First things first, you gotta get your hands on some stuff – let’s round it all up! Top of the list, you need housie tickets. Get enough for each player – usually around six tickets each. Once you’ve got your tickets, you need a way to hand ’em out. Most folks use ticket strips and cut ’em into single tickets. Then, figure out what kinda prizes you’re giving away – this could be anything from cheap and cheerful stuff like small toys or candy bars to cold hard cash! Once you’ve picked your prizes, set aside enough dough or goodies to cover the lucky winners. Last but not least, grab a pen or marker for players to cross off their numbers when they’re called out. When you’ve got all this stuff together, you’re good to go for a rad round of housie!


You’ll be ready to kick off a fun evening in no time once you’ve sorted out all the tickets for your shindig! Getting housie tickets ready ain’t hard, but it does need some thinking and careful planning. First up, figure out what kind of ticket layout you wanna use. You can buy ready-to-go templates online or design your own ticket format using a software like Microsoft Word. Make sure each ticket’s got enough numbers to make the game work, but also think about how much space is free for writing on each ticket.

Next up, decide how you want the tickets to look. A neat way to jazz up a plain ol’ housie ticket is to add some color and/or patterns, plus a logo or some artwork if you want. Don’t forget to put the name of your group or event at the top of each ticket so players know who’s given them this awesome time! Also, put instructions on how many numbers need to be crossed off and any special rules for the game.

Once you’ve added everything and checked it all for mistakes, print out enough copies for everyone coming and cut ’em up into single tickets – make sure everyone’s got an equal shot at winning! Your guests will love their housie night even more knowing they’ve got top-quality tickets made just for them.

Call ‘Em Out

Shouting out the numbers is one of the best bits of your do, so enjoy it! When it comes to picking and shouting out numbers for housie, there’s a few key things to remember. First, make sure all players have got their tickets before you start calling numbers. You also gotta make sure everyone can hear the numbers loud and clear and there’s no mix-ups about what number was called.

When picking a number, grab a slip from a bag or something that’s got all the possible numbers (1-90) in it. This makes sure each number’s got an equal chance of being picked. Make sure to call each number nice and slow so players have enough time to check their ticket against the numbers before the next one’s called. Plus, get players who don’t have a matching number on their ticket to shout ‘No!’ when they can’t match any more numbers.

Keep doing this until all the winning combos are matched or until the game’s over. Be sure to give prizes to those with full house tickets as soon as they win ’em and hand out consolation prizes at the end of the game if needed. The aim is for everyone at your housie event to have a great time – so take your time when calling each number!


Keep an Eye on Things

Once you’ve started calling out the numbers, make sure to watch the game so everyone’s having a good time and sticking to the rules! Put together a set of rules for your housie game beforehand and let the players know what they are before the game starts. This means everyone knows how it works and what they can win. Be sure to check in with everyone during the game to make sure they’re keeping up. Set time limits for each round if needed, or take breaks between games.

Keeping an eye on things also means making sure everyone’s got their housie cards marked right – double check with each player as numbers are called. Also, be ready to answer any questions about rules or clear up any confusion about how to win during the game. Keep track of who’s won what so no one’s left out!

At the end of each round, let everyone know who’s won what and give them their prizes. It’s really important to make sure everyone gets their prizes fairly – this keeps everyone involved and enjoying your housie game!

Tidy Up Time

Once the game’s done, take a bit of time to clean up – you’ll thank yourself later! Make sure to hand out any prizes that were won during the game. If there aren’t any physical prizes, make sure all players have got their winnings, like cash or vouchers. You should also go through the game rules and check everyone played by the rules. Remind everyone about any rules they might’ve forgotten or broken, as these will need to be followed next time.

Once all that’s done, it’s time to pack up. Make sure everything you used for housie is stored neatly in one place so it’s easy to find next time. This includes pens, paper, and other stuff. Also, double check that everyone’s got their stuff like phones and wallets before you leave with anything else.

Finally, ask your players what they thought of the game and what could be changed for next time. Ask them what worked well and what didn’t so you can make things even better for future housie games. This way you can make sure each session is better than the last!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other games can ya play with Housie tickets?

If you’ve got Housie tickets, you’re set for an epic game night! You can mess around with a bunch of bingo and Housie variations using the same tickets. You can fiddle with the number of winners, shake up the prizes, or even toss in some extra challenges or fun stuff for people to do while they’re playing. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and seeing what kind of crazy combinations you come up with!


Any age limit to play Housie?

Well, for Housie, age limits ain’t always set in stone. It usually boils down to being 16 or over. Why? ‘Cause usually there’s prize money up for grabs, and kiddos can’t legally get in on that action. But if you’ve got a bunch of young’uns wanting to play, you can always swap out the cash for candies or toys. It’s really down to whoever’s hosting the game to decide the age limit they’re comfy with.

Any special rules for Housie?

Playing Housie, you gotta follow some basic rules to keep things fun and fair. You need some solid strategies to win, so you gotta stay sharp, keep an ear out for the numbers being called, and keep an eye on your cards. Prize distribution’s another thing you gotta consider. Most of the time, prizes are for one line, two lines, and full house wins, but this could change depending on how many folks are playing and how much prize money’s in the pot. And remember, some games might have extra rules or tweaks, like calling out a bunch of numbers at once, so always double-check with everyone before kicking off.

How to spice up the game?

Want to make your Housie game more exciting? It’s easy peasy! Start by getting your players to place strategic bets – like higher stakes for certain numbers or rows. This will add a bit of a thrill and give them something more to look forward to. Plus, if you pick prizes that really get your players’ attention, you’ll see them get even more into the game. Prizes can be anything from simple gift cards or vouchers to big, unforgettable experiences. With these two tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have a Housie game that’s both super fun and super rewarding!

How many folks can play Housie at once?

Housie’s a real blast and can be played with a big crowd. Depending on the type of Housie you’re playing, you can have up to 100 people playing at once! You gotta figure out some good strategies and scoring techniques when playing with so many folks, to up your chances of winning. Try to get each person to pick their own numbers, rather than sharing a board or letting multiple people call out the same number – you don’t want someone else snatching your winnings! And remember to keep track of all the called numbers, so no one repeats a number that’s already been said. With these tips, you’re ready for a killer game of Housie with as many people as you want.


So now you know the drill with Housie, it’s time to get the party started! Round up your gear, get your tickets ready, call those numbers and keep an eye on the game. Make sure everyone’s having a blast and every round is fair. After you’re done, clean up your mess and pack away your stuff. Now you’re all set to have a great time playing Housie with your buddies! Get ready for a night full of fun that’s gonna make some awesome memories – game on!