How To Adjust Game And Chat Volume Ps4

The PlayStation 4 is a super popular game console for the home. To get the most out of your gaming fun, you need to know how to mess with the sound settings on your console. This article will walk you through how to change the game and chat volume on your PS4. It’ll talk about how to find the Settings menu, and how to tweak the game and chat sound levels, along with some troubleshooting hints and tips to get your audio sounding great.

Access the Settings Menu

Getting to the Settings Menu lets you tweak stuff to make it just how you like it. This includes messing with the sound balance and making it sound just right. On the PS4, getting to this menu is a piece of cake. First, click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the main screen of your console, up there in the top-right corner. After you click on that, a dropdown menu will show up, and you’ll see all the stuff you can mess with like sound settings and game volume control.


Inside these sound settings, there are more options to mess with the game and chat volumes. By moving these sliders around, you can make the game or chat sounds as loud or soft as you want when you’re playing games with buddies online or fighting other players in multiplayer games. Plus, you can change how sensitive your microphone is if you want people to hear you better over far distances or in noisy places like when everyone’s talking at home all at once.

There’s also a cool feature where you can pick the headset you’re using for both game and chat sounds, so it’ll change the sound levels to work best with your specific headset’s sensitivity and stuff. With all these choices, you’ve got full control over the sounds while gaming on your PS4 without having to be a tech whiz to start tweaking things to your liking quickly.

Adjust the Game Audio Volume

By changing the sound output, you can make the game sound just how you want it. To mess with the game sound on your PS4, just get to the Settings Menu from the Home Screen. Once you’re there, you’ll find an Audio Devices section with different options to control the sound levels. There are two main sliders there; one to change the mix between sound effects and talking, and another to set how loud the whole game is.


The first slider lets you turn up or down different sounds, so you can focus on stuff like voice chat or music that might get lost among other noises in the game. You can use this slider to make the game more exciting by changing the sound to your taste without messing up what the game makers intended. The second slider changes the overall loudness of everything, so it affects both talking and sound effects no matter what balance you’ve set before.

By using these settings together, you can create a sound that’s just right for you when you’re playing games on your PS4. That way, you can have more fun while playing and not bother anyone around you who might need things a bit quieter or need some calm at certain times when you’re gaming.

Change Your Chat Sound Level

Messing with your game’s sound changes how it feels, and you can do that by playing with the chat sound level. To do this, you’ll need a headset that fits your PlayStation 4. Just plug it in, then go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices on your PS4. Click ‘Output Device’ and pick ‘Headset Connected to Controller’. Then you can change the game and chat sound however you want. Some headsets have cool extras like muting your mic or cutting out background noise with a special app.

These extras let you make the sound just right when playing online games. It helps you hear your teammates without the game or their voices being too loud. It’s good for teamwork in intense moments and keeps one person from drowning out the others. So, changing your chat sound level is key for having the best time on PlayStation 4, whether you play a lot or just now and then.

Fixing Problems


Your PS4’s inputs and outputs are big deals. If your game or chat volume isn’t right, first check things like headphones, mics, or other stuff plugged in. Also, look at your speakers or other devices connected to the PS4 to make sure they’re working right.

How to Use Inputs and Outputs

You can use the inputs and outputs to make the sound just how you like it on your PS4. There’s a spot to tweak game and chat volume separately. It takes some messing around to get it just right since different games need different tweaks. But once you’ve got it set, hit ‘X’ twice on your controller to save the changes.

Check How Everything’s Plugged In

Make sure everything’s connected right to get the best sound. If not, you might get no sound, too-quiet sound, weird noises, or uneven sound. So, check all your cables and TV settings to make sure they match the PS4. Plug in your speakers right, and adjust your sound in the game until it’s perfect.

Get the Best Sound You Can

You can make your sound awesome with some simple tricks. Change the volume of sounds, music, or voices through your PS4 menu. Hook up your device to a speaker or headset so everything sounds just right. Play with the equalizer settings based on what you’re doing – like boosting the bass for explosion-heavy games, or the mid-range for music. And if there’s any noise messing with your sound, try headphones or earbuds to cut it out and keep your audio great for games and music.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the game or chat sound’s too loud?


When you’re messing with the game and chat sound, you gotta make sure it’s all balanced right. You don’t want the game or chat noise to drown out the other one. To get it right, just mess with the volume sliders until you can hear both clearly without one taking over the whole show. Don’t forget to check any mic or headset stuff that might mess with the sound when you’re working on it.

Can I mess with the game and chat sound separately?

Being able to tweak the game and chat sound separately is something more and more gamers are into. It lets you get the sound balance just how you like it, changing up the mixer levels to make sure both game and chat noises are perfect. This is super important for stuff like online shooter games, where you’ve gotta hear your buddies and the game sounds loud and clear. So, being able to tweak these things yourself gives you more control over your gaming world.

Is there something that’ll make the sound better?


Lots of gamers are using audio enhancers to make the sound better. They boost stuff, cut out noise, and mess with the sound in ways that make it come through better. They can even pump up the bass, which can really change how a game feels. Some enhancers even let you tweak the sound some more. Long story short, an audio enhancer can really jack up your sound and make your games better.

Can I tweak game and chat sound without going into the settings?

You can fiddle with the game and chat sound without messing around in the settings by using mute buttons and balancing the sound. You can turn off or on specific sounds, like the game’s music or chat, and mess with how loud everything is in relation to each other. It’s a quick way to control your game’s sound without having to dig through menus.

Can I control the game and chat sound from my controller?

Yeah, you can change the game and chat sound right from your controller using balance settings. It lets you mess with how loud the game and chat are, and even the background noise, without going into settings. Most game systems, like the PS4, let you do this with the volume controls on the controller. It’s a handy way to keep your sound just how you like it while you’re playing or talking with your friends online.


Being able to change the game and chat sound on the PS4 is a nifty trick for gamers. You can make it all sound just how you want it. You can play with the sound settings easily and fix anything that’s not working right. And if you get the hang of some sound-boosting tips, you can make everything sound awesome. Just follow these simple steps, and you can make your games sound exactly how you like ’em.