Zoochosis – Bodycam horror game that will make players cry

Indie studio Clapperheads announced their new horror game, that is Zoochosis. The horror simulation game takes place in a zoo, where animals under the influence of a mysterious disease have turned into hideous monsters. As a zoo guard, the player must protect the animals throughout the night against all the horrifying happenings recorded by body cameras.


Clapperheads is a new studio founded just two years ago, in 2022. Since then, the developer has created two titles horror game To be Sparky Marky Episode 1 and Episode 2 are each set at a bizarre children’s camp. This episodic horror game series follows the creepy indie trend of mascot horror games. The studio has staff distributed all over the world, from Bulgaria, the United States, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kazakhstan to Thailand. Despite the geographical distance, the team at Clapperheads is united by their love of cinema and thrilling stories. This is clearly shown through the Sparky Marky game series and will be followed by Zoochosis.

The official trailer for Zoochosis has been released and offers the first images of the horrifying creatures, monsters that will turn night shifts into nightmares. Players will experience a game full of animal body horror, focusing on the zoo guard’s night shift, which is filled with injured animals in need of treatment. Their mission is to investigate the horrifying disease and try to cure the animals while facing difficult choices that affect the story’s ending.

Zoochosis feels like a cross between Five Nights at Freddy’s and Planet Zoo, turning the zoo’s gentle animals into something truly terrifying. The zoo is now a nightmare filled with horror and twists, where in any corner, a giraffe or kangaroo could be waiting to devour the player. Despite the strange circumstances, players are still responsible for caring for and protecting the animals like in other zoo management games but to save themselves, they need to heal the animals with a vaccine special.

This horror title is the latest addition to the list of games that use it bodycam angle to add more immersive elements to the story being told. This interesting angle combined with a unique horror setting and creative art direction will make Zoochosis a notable horror game this year. Zoochosis is expected to launch in Q2 2024 on Steam and you can add the game to your Wishlist now.


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