Yu-Gi-Oh! Rarely, the auction closes after only 30 minutes of opening, with the price increasing to 310 billion

At 4 o’clock this afternoon, Yu-Gi-Oh! The 20th anniversary edition has officially opened for auction in China, attracting the attention of countless fans. Yu-Gi-Oh! as well as collectors. And just 30 minutes later, card This price has reached a price that makes many people afraid.​


It is known that the card Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue Eyes White Dragon (Blue-Eyes White Dragon) was released on the occasion of the IP’s 20th anniversary, crafted from 11g of 24K gold. There are only a total of 500 cards like this in the world, each card is printed with a code from “No.1 – No.500” and is considered the “king” of collectible cards.

This special card was put on sale for 80 yuan (284,000 VND) and quickly increased in price several million times within just half an hour. This also made the auction organizer wary, they immediately announced to close the auction with the reason: The difference between the items and the auction price is too much, could there be competitive behavior? justifiable.​


And according to recorded data, the last bid belonged to ID Y8745 with a price of 87,326,098 yuan (equivalent to 310 billion VND). If the transaction is successful, this card will be in the top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! The most expensive in the world, it’s hard to blame the auction company for having such a careful attitude. However, closing the auction midway like this can’t help but make true collectors feel disappointed, hoping the company can reopen the product for sale one day soon.

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