Diablo IV lands on Steam this month


Diablo IVone of the biggest games of 2023, will be available on Steam starting October 17, coinciding with the launch of Season 2.

Blizzard published version Steam belong to Diablo 4 in developer updates. The game will support Crossplay and cross-play progression as soon as it launches on Valve’s platforms. That means Diablo 4 players on Steam will be able to play with players on all other platforms – including PlayStation and Xbox.

Although available on Console devices (except Switch), the PC version of Diablo 4 launches exclusively on Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher. Bringing Diablo IV to Steam is part of Blizzard’s plan to attract more PC gamers. When the developer announced plans to bring Overwatch 2 to Steam earlier this year, the company announced that it plans to bring many of its other games to Steam but has not shared details about the games on this list.

Overwatch 2 was ported to Valve’s platform in August and was quickly flooded with player criticism. The hero shooter game currently has a record low rating of 1/10 with only 10% positive reviews from nearly 200,000 reviews on Steam. Obviously, Blizzard is hoping the Steam version of Diablo 4 will receive a better response than its predecessor Overwatch 2.

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