Xbox reveals the huge numbers behind its Game Pass service


Game Pass offers users a large library of games for a monthly fee, similar to popular streaming platforms like Netflix. Services of Microsoft includes a variety of games from AAA titles like Starfield or Battlefield 2042 to artistic indie games like Jusant or Inside. Since its launch in 2017, Game Pass has been very successful and is now a subscription service for Xbox users. However, a service will not be successful without the necessary investment.

Managing director Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer revealed that Xbox spends more than a billion dollars a year on its popular Game Pass subscription service. Mr. Spencer also explained why the above amount is a reasonable expense.


The director shared in an interview with Windows Central that the above money is necessary to support the many third-party game studios participating in Game Pass. While members include some of the best-known game studios in the industry, Microsoft’s investments also help fund small, little-known companies working on niche projects. While this practice is financially difficult, it allows Microsoft to offer a wide variety of games in its Game Pass service, attracting more subscribers to the Xbox platform.

Recently, rumors that Game Pass may expand to other platforms such as Switch and PlayStation have been circulating in the community. However, Mr. Spencer denied the above rumors, explaining that Microsoft has no plans to bring Game Pass to new platforms. The head of Microsoft Gaming said Game Pass has become an important part of Xbox’s identity and the service will continue to play such a role. While the company has no intention of expanding Game Pass to other consoles, it continues to explore ways to innovate the Xbox brand and its game portfolio.

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