Just calling for the project to be canceled, Dung CT announced that Than Trung – Pure Vietnamese horror game will have a demo in August?


The DeathGod of Worms is the product horror game debut of Dung CT and Team Damn, inspired and set 100% in Vietnam. As soon as the first trailer was released in March, Than Trung became a hot topic that was widely discussed on social networks. It’s been a long time since the Vietnamese gaming industry has had a product that has received such enthusiastic response.

Than Trung is set in an old boarding house, where a young man has to face countless strange things. From the familiar floor pattern, the painting “Staying at home is patriotic” by artist Le Duc Hiep to the long hallways, bloody figures that suddenly appear and hide, and the mournful melody of the song “Pine Hill”. two graves”, all create a haunting atmosphere. Although the plot has not yet been revealed, from the photo worshiping the girl, the newspaper article “Secret in the Capital – A family of 5 died in one night” and the title of the game itself, Than Trung can exploit The spiritual phenomenon “coincides” with the death of the young girl and the surrounding consequences.

With professional investment in expertise and precision in the form shown through the trailer, fans of horror games in particular and pure Vietnamese games in general are extremely looking forward to the time when Than Trung will be released. But recently, when appearing on stream as usual on July 25, Dung CT suddenly announced that he would cancel this ambitious project with a serious face mixed with a bit of sadness and regret.

Just when the audience was wondering what their emotions were between sadness, disappointment and regret, Dung CT burst out laughing after his profound performance and said that he was actually just joking. Than Trung is not canceled but will even release a demo next August!


Specifically, the demo version of Than Trung will be released for free on Steam for many people to evaluate. In addition, this made-in-Vietnam horror game also has some changes such as upgrading graphics, adding some Easter Eggs to DUT studio and the game’s capacity will be packaged under 10Gb. In particular, to express gratitude for the support of many people, Dung CT also plans to release a physical version of Than Trung for you to love and collect. The official version of the game is expected to be released on Steam in the fourth quarter of this year, for 70,000 VND.

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