Worried about GTA 6 leak, Rockstar Games asked all employees to come to the company to work

For entertainment and technology companies, where high creativity and flexible work nature are required, work from home has become a popular form of working, especially since the outbreak began. . Although there are many surveys proving that the efficiency of working at home is no worse, or even better, than working in the office, it cannot be denied that it has its downsides.

Recognize possible safety and information security risks recently Rockstar Gamesthe creator of the series GTA famous, has asked all of its employees to come to the company to work directly from the beginning of next April. Grand Theft Auto 6 is entering its final stages and with such a highly anticipated game, information security is extremely important. In an email sent to employees, Jenn Kolbe, Rockstar’s publishing director, said this decision was made to increase work efficiency and prevent the game from being leaked outside.


Previously in September 2022, a hacker calling himself “teapotuberhacker” hacked and posted a series of clips from the initial build of GTA 6 online, causing millions of dollars in damage and thousands of hours of employee work. This hacker was then detained indefinitely in the hospital because of severe autism but still eloquently stated that once released, he would continue to hack. Or most recently, the GTA 6 trailer released late last year, which was originally scheduled for December 5 but was leaked by someone a day before.

Before Rockstar Games, Ubisoft last September also asked employees to return to the office, but this decision was met with a lot of controversy. Most reacted negatively because they thought the company had betrayed its promise to “provide a flexible work environment where 100% work from home is possible depending on the position.” As for Rockstar, the studio said it is tired of dealing with leaks, even though they may not cause too much damage to the company.

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