“Dwarf Mushroom Advance”: Mercedes-Benz C200 waiting for you to receive! Super hot RPG game officially launched on March 8!

On the morning of March 8, “Dwarf Mushroom Tien Len” officially launched in many countries in the Southeast region. In particular, countless valuable prizes, including the Mercedes CLA, are waiting for you to “unbox”.

Dwarf Tien Len Mushroom will officially launch in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines on March 8! This is an extremely hot entertaining mobile RPG game worldwide with downloads exceeding 30 million, ranking first in China, Korea, and Japan. When the game launches, countless valuable prizes will be awarded, including the Mercedes CLA. Invite your friends to download and experience the game!

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“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

After many days of waiting, Thai/Vietnamese/… players can officially experience this game “Dwarf Mushroom Tien Len”. This is an entertaining RPG game that gives away 3,000 prize draws immediately upon launch. The plot goes against the rules, the player will take on the role of a small mushroom from New Village. After receiving the Magic Lamp given by the Goddess of Light, the small mushroom that wishes for the Magic Lamp will easily be obtained. many Divine Pages, at the same time becoming the main character. Grab your weapon and rush to explore the world.

“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

Currently, players can download the game from the App Store and Google Play stores, join the Thai and German female singer – Jannine Weigel, and the Vietnamese national DJ – DJ Mie on the journey of the Strongest Mushroom. ! On this journey, you will meet companions, pets, lovers and experience completely new adventures.

“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

From today, pre-register to receive 3,000 prize draws and powerful companions such as Devil Mountain, Baby Bon Toilet; In addition, there is also the Chicken Thigh Spirit and especially the Durian Elephant companion waiting for you! Quickly summon pets, skills, and magical costumes to start your exploration journey. On the night of March 10, the game’s official Facebook page will hold a Launch Festival, livestream giving away countless great gifts such as Mercedes CLA, iPhone, Switch. Please follow the fanpage “Dwarf Mushroom Tien Len” to update related information! Don’t miss these attractive gifts!

“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

This is an entertaining mobile RPG game with more than 30 million downloads worldwide and ranks first in the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese markets. “Dwarf Mushroom Tien Len” when launched will give away 3000 prize draws, you just need to touch your phone to receive the full set of Than Trang. You can also summon pets and companions to start your battle. Not to mention there are also diverse skills, combining stats on equipment, you can choose attribute lines such as Strike, Avoid, Strike, HP Drain, Counter Strike. The important thing is that you can use the hang-up feature to automatically cross maps, experiencing a gentle but exciting adventure.

“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

In the game, you are a Mushroom. Originally a small monster of New Village, always attacked and taunted by strong people. One day, the Lady of the Lamp gave you a Magic Lamp that could spit out equipment, from which the little Mushroom monster became the main character. During exploration, you can freely change professions such as Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Each profession has its own skills and style. The Mushroom will eventually super evolve, from a little monster who is always bullied into a true hero. You can join the great Mushroom Clan, join forces with teammates from the same clan to conquer the Giant Dragon.

“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

The game is also supported by many KOLs, they are all calling on fans to experience the super hot mobile RPG game worldwide and ranked first in the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese markets.

“Dwarf Mushroom Moves Forward

Pre-registration page: https://mxdzz.maplerushtth.com/p-reg/?way=phone

Download link: https://maplerush.onelink.me/JUZA/VNPR

If you are a player who loves relaxing entertainment games. What are you waiting for, download “Dwarf Mushroom Tien Len” now! “Dwarf Mushroom Tien Len” will not make you regret it! Don’t forget to follow the fanpage and homepage below to update the latest information!

Fanpage link: https://www.facebook.com/MapleRushSEA

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