World Of Warcraft revealed three expansions, continuing the adventure for the next 20 years

Father expanded version are all in the plan Blizzard Is called Worldsoul Saga, revolves around an epic plot. One of the founders WoWMr. Chris Metzen announced that the first expansion will be The War Within, scheduled for release in the fall of 2024.


The next two expansions are Midnight and The Last Titan A release date has not yet been set. Midnight will return players to an improved version of the Quel’Thalas region to fight once again in the Void invasion. While The Last Titan will be an adventure into a new version of Northrend, the continent introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008. Players will decode a conspiracy that “defies all understanding.” ” present about the Titans and the nature of Azeroth itself.

The expansion’s trailer shows Alliance leader Anduin wandering the desert alone after the traumatic events of the Shadowlands expansion. He was confronted by former Warchief Thrall, who gave Anduin wise advice and warnings. The two have had foreshadowings of darkness encroaching on the soul of Azeroth deep underground with signs that the Sword of Sargeras that crashed through Azeroth’s surface in 2016’s Legion expansion is aiming for someone .

In The War Within, players will travel underground to explore new areas of Azeroth, where they can recruit new allied races on Earth. Additionally, players also get to experience a new bite-sized co-op content called Delves and a new feature called Warbands, which allows characters on the same account to share items and levels. reputation, money, etc. WoW will also welcome new Hero talents, players can customize their characters with new specialized skills unique to that class. For example, Blizzard says the character will be able to follow the path of the Dark Ranger or Farseer.

Creative director Metzen said Worldsoul Saga will shape the next 20 years of WoW, which turns 20 years old next year. He shared that new expansions will appear in the “next few years” and that Blizzard is working on new ways to deliver content to the game a little faster than before.​

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