Vessel Of Hatred – Diablo 4’s first expansion will launch in late 2024


Blizzard revealed expanded version The first big of Diablo 4, Vessel of Hatredexpected to be released at the end of 2024. This information is accompanied by a short trailer, taking viewers back to an area of Diablo 2.

At the recent BlizzCon event, Vessel of Hatred was introduced with a green icon instead of Diablo 4’s typical red color. The expansion will follow Mephisto and his plots against Diablo 4. Sanctuary after the events of Diablo 4. Vessel of Hatred takes place in the Kurast region, a jungle and is inspired by South America. This area first appeared in Diablo 2.

The expansion also brings a new character class, participating in the Eternal Conflict taking place in the world of Sanctuary. Although it has not been revealed, many sources say this will be a completely new character class, never appearing in any previous Diablo game. Players are expecting Paladins or Crusaders to appear, but recent leaks indicate that this character class has natural strength and uses mandarin blades.

The developer promises to share more information about Vessel of Hatred in the summer of 2024. Until the expansion is released, Diablo 4 players can spend their time experiencing the third season with the Daily Dungeon challenge a new week called The Gauntlet as well as a holiday event starting on December 12th.

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