Which faction of Saint – Fairy – Minh – Demon will be the unbeatable factor in Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms?

In a strategy game – general card game, the ability to coordinate strength between factions to optimize combat power is an important factor. To design a network of interwoven interactions between the power sources and characteristics of elements or factions as a foundation for diverse tactical arrangements is a very difficult challenge. However Journey to the West VNG: Great Disturbance in the Three Realms (Journey to the West VNG) has built such a system with a very different arrangement.


The most important pillar in this system is the division of factions. Characters in journey to the West VNG is taken from the plot Journey to the west and arranged into 4 factions including Tien Gioi – Holy Gioi – Minh Gioi – Demon Gioi. The old five element counter system has been replaced, there will no longer be rigid counters, but each faction will have its own strength and that strength is divided equally among the characters according to each different aspect. This helps players develop broader tactics and not be constrained by carving five-element circles.

Tien Gioi – Thien Binh Divine General protects the three worlds

The Immortal Realm is a faction that gathers characters from the Heavenly Court under the authority of the Heavenly Emperor. Familiar faces include Duong Tien, Ly Tinh, Thien Hau, Thai Bach…


The strength characteristic of Tien Gioi is creating a shield (Ho Thuan) and exploiting its advantages. Each character will have specific skills related to Shields such as the Queen Mother has the ability to create a Shield class for the entire team. Duong Tien and Thien De have the ability to attack stronger if they have a Shield. Nguyet Lao can also buff stronger damage to teammates if he has a Shield.

From this characteristic, we can see that Tien Gioi will enjoy a portion of the defense points of Ho Thuan and increase its strength based on whether or not it is still carrying a shield that has been buffed by its teammates. Of course, when they don’t have a shield, they can still fight and deal damage normally, but when they do, their power is multiplied many times over.

Holy World – The power to enlighten and save humanity

The Holy World is a faction that includes characters who follow Tathagata and saints, truly practice but do not serve Heaven. Typical names for this faction are Tang Tang, Bat Gioi, Wukong, Guan Yin, Ngoc Tho, Maitreya…


The power of the Holy World comes from the point of attack. Continuously accumulating and using this combo ability maintains the Holy World faction’s exclusive advantage of multiplying their power based on the number of points. If the combo stat is high enough, a Holy World character’s normal attack can approximate the damage of a skill attack.
Quan Am will use combo attacks to create wide area attacks that weaken the enemy and lose rage points. If teammates continue to pump attack points to Quan Am, the enemy will be kept in a continuously weakened state. On the contrary, a martial character like Wukong can use combo attacks to increase his power to the point of being able to “kill”, instantly defeating the enemy with just 1 blow.

Minh Gioi – Strength from death

The Minh Gioi group is a collection of characters related to demons and the underworld. Some typical characters of this faction include Pluto, Black Impermanence, Bach Impermanence, Bach Cot Tinh, Manh Ba…


The strength of the Minh Gioi group comes from the control of death. Characters of this faction have the uncanny ability to exploit many aspects of a certain teammate’s defeat. For example, Hac Vu Thuong has extremely strong skills to block enemies. Simply imprisoning the enemy’s main force will weaken the opponent. But when defeated, Hac Vu Thuong still maintains buff points to benefit his teammates.

Another character like Bach Cot Tinh has the ability to summon a rather powerful deputy general, Cot General, to fill the void of a defeated teammate. It makes the squad always have enough manpower to fight even when some teammates have been defeated. In particular, the King of Hell will receive additional strength and healing points every time a champion, regardless of teammate or enemy, is defeated, meaning that the closer to the end of the game, the King of Hell becomes more resilient.

Demon World – One who opposes heaven

The Demon Realm is a faction that gathers demons that are still alive (not part of the underworld faction of the Underworld), this is the faction that directly opposes the Immortal Realm from the novel to the game. Classic characters in this faction include Niu Ma Vuong, Thiet Phien, Hong Hai Nhi, Kim Giac, Ngan Giac, Thanh Nguu…


In contrast to the Fairy World, the Demon World uses power that revolves around attack through burning damage and the characters of this faction also have exploitation skills based on that characteristic. The two most important characters, the Ox Demon King and the Red Child, both have skills that burn enemies from the beginning of the match. From there, it opens the way for other characters to deploy.

The most dangerous is Kim Si Eagle when this character is inherently a DPS with very high damage plus a skill that increases damage by 30%, but hitting a champion who is losing blood from burning is extremely powerful. Thiet Phien both buffs damage to allies and uses a three-target fan to attack enemies with the effect of prolonging the target’s burning time.

Main character – A unique force

Although it is possible to choose a specific faction from the beginning of the game, the main character of Journey to the West VNG stands outside the influence of the four factions and has his own privileges. First, you will not be able to remove this character from the team. This is a fixed character and must always be in the team.


To compensate for that constraint, the main character of Journey to the West VNG also has some unique perks and power-up features. First, factions are only temporary because players can use the Canh Manh Ba item to re-select any faction they want. This is very good for adjusting tactics and completely switching the main side of the squad to another side.


Changing factions for the main character is convenient, but for other characters it will be a bit difficult. That is Journey to the West VNG stipulates that characters who are not on the same side when switching in and out of the squad can only inherit up to +4 strength. If it is higher, the remainder will be converted into resources and refunded. This means you can change characters and sides freely in the beginner stage. When the power is invested to a certain level, it will be more difficult to change characters to different factions.


In addition, players can also use the Divine Power card for the main character. This is a function that turns the main character into any other character in the game with equivalent calculated power. This transformation is 100% complete as you will have all functions, skills, and relationships with other champions such as replacing the real character in the squad.


The power system in Journey to the West VNG has innovated and broken away from the old five-element circle carving formula. Now each faction will have its own unique strength that when combined will bring outstanding effectiveness. Besides, the main character is a special element from plot to gameplay. Can integrate into any faction and also have the ability to transform into any character when the strategy requires.​

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