PUBG Mobile was accused of stealing skin ideas from an indie game developer

PUBG Although it has passed its golden age, it still maintains a large community of players thanks to constantly releasing updates with many new content. One of the most recent updates is an 8×8 map called Taego, which comes with unique gameplay features. Before PUBG Mobile also announced new skins – Hypnospace Divahowever, this update doesn’t seem to go well as the developer of the indie game “Hypnospace Outlaw” is speaking out accusing PUBG of plagiarizing his name and color scheme.


Jay Tholen, father of indie games Hypnospace Outlaw recently posted an article on Twitter, accusing the PUBG development team and then Tencent (publisher of PUBG Mobile) for plagiarizing the name of his game for the new skin. Just because the name is similar, it cannot be concluded that this is an act of plagiarism, but “Hypnospace” is not a common word for cam. In fact, if you search for this word on Google, most of the results are related to Hypnospace Outlaw. Moreover, not only the name, the purple, yellow, and blue color scheme of the Hypnospace Diva skin clearly has many similarities with the main color of Hypnospace Outlaw.

Jay Tholen’s accusations are currently receiving a lot of support from netizens, some even link to Hypnospace Outlaw’s website under PUBG Mobile’s Twitter post, urging people to buy the game instead. Spend money on PUBG.


Tholen said he didn’t want to make a big deal out of this, but he didn’t like the name of his game being related to gambling (PUBG does offer loot boxes, which many people believe is a form of gambling, extorting money from players), as well as not wanting people to misunderstand and wrongly think that the skin is some official collaboration event.

However, because copyright laws in China are not as strict as Western countries, Tencent will most likely directly ignore any related complaints. Meaning, the Hypnospace Diva skin will still appear in the normal game. Jay Tholen’s denunciation probably won’t bring any results, but at least many people know that the Hypnospace Diva skin does not have any relationship with Hypnospace Outlaw.

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