What will happen to Escape From Tarkov gamers in 2024?


Developers Battlestate Games recently shared their plans for year 2024. Game Escape from Tarkov: Arena new, as well Escape from Tarkov will have many promising additions this year.

During a Twitch broadcast, Battlestate Games revealed that in 2024, Escape from Tarkov: Arena will receive improvements to the matchmaking system, ranking system, new content including three game modes, four maps come with balance changes, additional gifts, a reward of 1.5 million rubles for all players logged in before January 5, 2024, and the ability to link Tarkov: Arena profiles with Escape from Tarkov profile.


As for Escape from Tarkov, title shooting game The original will get updated weather based on the seasons, an untapped version of the Ground Zero map, reworked visuals and vegetation, and a new ending that allows players to actually escape Tarkov.

Tarkov: Arena updates planned for 2024
Redesigned matchmaking system
New ranking system
Three new modes
Four new maps
Change the balance
Additional gifts


Escape from Tarkov updates planned for 2024
Environmental weather based on seasons
Untapped Ground Zero map
Redesign of the game’s visuals and vegetation
The new ending allows the player to escape from Tarkov

This roadmap is promising news for most Escape from Tarkov players, after the “tumultuous” launch of Escape from Tarkov: Arena. The game’s developer seems determined to change Arena to meet player expectations.

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