Feast your eyes on the insanely beautiful 12-minute trailer of Black Myth – Wukong battles the White Dragon

After the “kibo” videos that only lasted a few dozen seconds were revealed yesterday afternoon, today Game Science satisfied fans when releasing a new 12-minute trailer of Dark Myth: Wukong. This trailer gives players the latest images of the game with the support of Unreal Engine 5 – the latest engine from Epic Games, and Nvidia.

Last year, all the released trailers of Black Mythology are all developed in Unreal Engine 4, however Game Science has begun switching to Unreal Engine 5 to bring optimal graphical effects to players. Dark Legends will support 4K resolution at 60fps, raytracing and Nvidia DLSS at launch.

Dark Myth: Wukong became a name that many Chinese and international gamers were interested in right after the release of the first trailer last year. Not only does it make a strong impression with its beautiful graphics and dramatic combat, the game also makes countless fans curious when exploiting the plot. Journey to the west but from a completely different angle.


Is Dou Chien Thang Buddha the original Sun Wukong or an impostor? Of those who recite ‘good disasters, good disasters’, practice vegetarianism all year round, how many people truly have a mind as calm as water? Is it true that going to Tay Thien to request sutras to save sentient beings or is it just chasing after fame and fortune? Is it just that this kind of fame and fortune is different from what ordinary people want…

Dark Myth is expected to launch on both PC and consoles, the specific release time is unknown.

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